Mercury Retrograde Feb. 22/23 – March 17/18, 2013 — get busy overhauling the way you communicate yourself to the world

Mercury Retrograde Feb-Mar 2013

MERCURY RETROGRADE BEGINS: In approx. 12 hrs, from our perspective on Earth we appear to take the lead from Mercury in our orbit around the SUN (we say Mercury is trailing behind us now, in retrograde.) This is a REVEALING, EXCITING 3 week period ahead (until Mar 18). Mercury is the MESSENGER & now we take full responsibility for this role too! This means get busy overhauling the way you communicate yourself to the world. We are NOT at the mercy of haphazard electricals/technology over this period. We are in our POWER to uncover all of the loose ends that we have been denying & shunning in regards to business matters, personal relationships, family issues, career advancement, you name it. Whatever you have been overlooking, now you can move through it with a fine tooth comb. You have energy available to you, to get sharp, witty, alert & doing the work to get your affairs in tip top shape. USE this period by not burying your head in the ground & I guarantee that you will LOVE IT & look forward to every Mercury Retrograde (like I do) xxx Elizabeth Peru

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