We are being poisoned!

Ann Romney-Kelm I was just on a cruise in January. My husband & I happened to be sitting at dinner one evening to a Doc. Who travels around the world giving spaces about this very topic. It is so frightening I don’t even know where to begin. Every parent who lives on the west coast who has children under the age of 14 should be given Iodine tablets because of the fallout of Fukushima. It effects the thyroid & our government has kept silent! Jeff’s mission (the Doc.) is to shut down every nuclear power in the world! He said it’s just a matter of time when it happens here in the U.S. this is very real & we should be outraged!


cesium victim

Her body has high levels of cesium! … she lives in the USA this is her story:

“Today I had an appointment to go over the test results. I was nervous because he was refusing to tell me much on the phone and insisting I come in. The results are frightening. I have three times the amount of lead in my body as a person not working with materials containing lead, such as welding! It probably adds a few pounds! That is upsetting enough and there was more. I will not bore you with the arsenic and the … But I am surprised I am not glowing in the dark with~

C E S I U M…?

Cesium or caesium are radioactive particles. Radiation. I am no rocket scientist and do not understand enough(yet), the differences between Cs137, Cs134 or Cs133 to explain it here. Unfortunately MY cesium is the result of radiation fallout not too many xrays. The test results:

Contamination from Cs137 as a result from radioactive fallout could be a problem. It is higher than expected, reflecting exposure to Cesium but symptoms may not be evident.
That has an ominous tone, doesn’t it? Unfortunately there are some evident symptoms, they just weren’t making sense before now.

I am posting this because I have readers who live here, in the Bay Area. I read several local “chronic illness” groups daily where people have gotten increasingly ill in the past year and don’t understand why. Doctors are scratching their heads, never thinking that maybe it’s radiation, tho plenty of the patients have been wondering for almost two years.

I am convinced we are NOT getting the information we need about what IS in our air and water. It is impossible to overlook the obvious. The ongoing Fukushima Power Plant Disaster continues to spew vast amounts of radioactivity into the air and sea. Next month it will be 2 years since Japan’s devastating earthquake and tsunami killed hundreds of thousands. Yet we still do not have the information we need. And people ARE dying…

We MUST KEEP DEMANDING answers. We still know nothing but the minimal information released by a very “private” Japanese company! Apparently they can lie to their government and have from the beginning. Those lies have resulted in countless lives being impacted by radiation. Now they face a nightmare scenario. Must we be content to patiently await our fate and possibly be poisoned in the meantime? I am here to say…

We are being poisoned!
I am being poisoned!

If not, please explain to me how my body contains Cesium levels over twice what they should be!? Especially if there’s no “detectable” levels (tricky phrase, that) found in our air, water or food? I am not buying it… And neither should any of you!

Recently the EPA along with our illustrious Prez {Global Warming initiative…really?} raised the legal levels for “safe” radioactive particles in our air. Apparently there was a fear of pissing off Japan. Frankly I’m a little pissed off. I could have avoided my current nightmare with cesium. The lead, no. Cesium….

This is a very big, complicated topic and my brain is LITERALLY fried. Please peruse the below articles. They contain information that is of value to all of us.

In the meantime, I will sit and ponder my body as it wages war against itself.”

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