Dr. Phil Bate’s 4-part Neuroliminal Training

A large number of readers of Dr. Phil Bate’s newsletter have sent him emails during the past few weeks about their “miracles of “Age Reversal”, that they have experienced by the use of his “at home” 4 part therapy. This lengthy article is free to all at:  http://drbate.com/content/integrated.shtml  – One mother who had her child for months at the Pfeiffer Clinic in Chicago some years ago told Dr. Bate 3 years ago that that 4 part therapy was almost exactly what the MD’s at that clinic were using, except that they were using the expensive Neurofeedback instead of my Neuroliminal Training. That and the fact that my therapies are designed to be done at home without expensive “doctors” of any kind.

Many of the parents “listened to the NT CD’s with the child in the same room, or with the volume turned up in the child’s room, and were beneficially affected thereby. Several have told Dr. Bate that they also have experienced at least a “sort of” Age Reversal”. In particular, after 2-4 months of use nightly, they mostly noticed a lack of the “usual” allergies – whether environmental, food or whatever. As noted elsewhere, many people experienced a 5 pound a month weight loss, and in at least several cases, (including mine) once the person got down to an “ideal” weight”, it stayed at that level.

It is obvious to him that what Neurofeedback and NT both do is raise the SMR brain wave, and that somehow is responsible for the “miraculous “cures” of virtually all mental “disease” credited to NFB (and now to NT as well. (See http://drbate.com/content/proof.shtml).