101 Uses for Magnesium

migraine headaches

From Holistic Health on Facebook:
101 Uses for Magnesium – Use #65: Migraine Headaches. In various occurrences of migraine headache, ranging from menstruation associated, to spontaneous onset of attack, to chronic sufferers, magnesium has been shown to be successful in alleviating migraines (as well as other forms of headaches).

Migraine sufferers were found to have multiple characteristics in common, one of them being reduced intracellular free magnesium in their brain and body tissues. It is hypothesized that this causes instability in neuronal function and ultimately leads to the brain susceptibility to migraine attack.

Patients have been treated with intravenous magnesium for acute migraine with rapid, positive results, while magnesium supplementation has been shown to be a viable prophylactic against numerous forms of migraine headaches.

Although taking oral magnesium upon the first signs of migraine will most likely not yield immediate results, customers of ours have reported feeling immediate relief when using topical magnesium applications – usually applied onto neck, shoulders, temples, and scalp regions.

To help reduce frequency, severity, and general occurrence of migraines, it is recommended that sufficient amounts of magnesium are utilized prior to any attack, rather than waiting for the attack to occur – especially since migraines may also be a symptom of low magnesium levels to begin with.


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