Table of Contents for Wellthy Choices #1

Table of Contents for Wellthy Choices #1 – on Breathing and Beliefs – available as a PDF download here:

Letter from Editor + Take Heart – Your Work is Not Forsaken

Table of Contents Breathing & Beliefs – what is In Your Voice.. by Lana J. Ford, Ph.D.
Top 5 “Symptoms” of Poor Breathing by Mike white
Being A Bold Seeker of Truth by Rev. Diannia Baty
NC Dental Board is in BIG Trouble by Tim Bolen
Home Supplies for Earthquakes, Emergency Kits & Disaster Survival by Susan Laverie (webOpus)
Planetary water watch
How Particular Foods Encourage or Discourage Inflammation
Green Smoothies add ZING to your day!
T5T Helps Turn Back Your Clock by Carolinda Witt
Evolution Through Energy Awareness by Lana J. Ford, Ph.D.
Golden Light by Dr. Korotkov + I’m Here to be Happy
DNA & Vibrations by Lana J. Ford, Ph.D.

Healing with Sound by Mary Desaulniers + Humans “Glow”

Airport Body Scanners Emit Tetrahertz rays by J. Speer williams
What is Synesthesia? (#1 in a series)
Sound Energy Evolution Seminars & Sacred Grove Retreat Center
Natural Sanitizers by Michelle Kalevik, The Tea Lady
Wellthy Choices Ad Rates
Ideas for Sustainable Living Sustainable Living –
Where to Buy Heirloom Seeds (websites)
Sacred Scalar Zero Point Energy wands by Lana J. Ford, Ph.D.

Spiritually Connecting with Mother Earth by Mary Lemons

Mother Natures Cures for Outdoor Injuries – info from Mark Blumenthal
Spirit Letter: No Favorites by Rev. Diannia Baty
Are You Using Antibacterial Soaps? – they’re TOXIC!
More on sound healing &
There is No Such Thing as Lack by Karen Lee

WC #1 Breathing