How Neuroliminal Training Works

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How Neuroliminal Training Works


EEG Biofeedback was invented some fifty years ago, and it actually changes brain waves by increasing or decreasing their amplitude. This was done by placing electrodes on the head, then amplifying the tiny electrical signal some millions of times, then filtering that signal into the specific audiofrequency desired; Years ago, it was discovered that the human brain used audio (sound waves) to do its work of controlling organs etc.. 0-4 cycles per second is Delta, 4-8 is Theta, 8-12 is Alpha.


Above this, everything is called Beta, but it was discovered that there is a very small wave 12-14, and that wave was named SMR (a misnomer because of it’s location of the sensors). It was found that this very small wave in amplitude when amplified did some amazing things. It seemed to solve allergy stress but it was not clear exactly how (and still isn’t clear).


The way it was done (and still is to some extent was to amplify that very tiny frequency a couple of million times, then filter it to get as close to13 cycles as possible. Then that was displayed on a meter originally, and a person concentrated on getting the meter to raise in amplitude in effect, “thinking it up”… so to speak. Later, this signal was used to control a video game or sound or whatever. Because this steady concentration on something is very wearying, about one half hour is as much as most people can endure. So, at prices of $100 per half hour up, this is very expensive, about $6000 on average for solving ADD/ADHD. Part of this is that the amplifiers and filters to do this aren’t cheap, and neither are the “doctors” who use them.


In the 1990’s, a research of many papers showing the various “mental”problems “solved” by EEG biofeedback. I was amazed, as this list covered virtually every such mental (and many physical conditions) with good success rates.  (This list may be found at content/< m=J4lRF621I3dBIj&b=QU8Pz3PKUILII D8Tdtx4kA>eeg_proof.shtml)


In 2000, I started the only leasing company that leased such amplifying biofeedback equipment to anyone. This cut the cost considerably, but leasing for more than 60-90 days was somewhat less than half the cost of treatment by a “professional” . (By the way, anyone with a little common sense can easily learn how to do this. It’s not rocket science after all).


Being an ex electronic engineer, I did a lot of experimentation, and in 2004 I found a combination of audio sounds and voice script that worked to raise the SMR brain wave. This was put on a CD, and tested by some 20 ADD/ADHD persons, and depression and insomnia sufferers. I improved on that original, and added lowering the Theta Brain Wave plus added different voice scripts with audio sounds. In 2006/7, I tested these combinations on volunteers, increasing the success of volunteers.


The final result from the volunteer data showed that one night’s sleep was roughly equivalent to one NFB session.


Several decades before 2000, NASA had done a lot of Theta (4-8 Hz) testing, and found that by lowering this brain wave, the concentration and ability to learn was increased dramatically. So, all NASA pilots get many hours of Theta “down” training. (It’s said that only a NASA pilot can actually drive and text “safely”. Don’t try this…! If this is lowered too much, the concentration and thus learning may be increased, but some”creativity” or artistic ability may be lost. That’s the reason why the Special NT CD does NOT lower Theta, but only raises SMR, and lowers other stress factors..


In November of 2010, there was a major improvement. A Third level of very low sound using a specific music at extreme low level was added.


Now, what is “heard” by the ear of the person is the overlay sound of the surf. Then, about 10 db down in amplitude are the voice and audio sounds.They are low enough in amplitude so as to be only a “mumble” and “under the threshold of understanding”. (This is the meaning of “subliminal” ). and finally down some 10 db below that is the “special” musical sound.  Just what this does is not known, but it improves the CD’s dramatically.


As a long time student of hypnosis, all scripts were constructed using only “positive” language and no negative ideas are expressed at any time. There is nothing in any script that can be objectionable to anyone.


At this point in time, there have been over 500 of the ADD-Autism CD’s sold, and it has been updated several times since the original. It has been guaranteed to provide “noticeable” improvement (even for autism cases) within 60 days usage, or return for refund. At this point we have only received a total of 6 units back for refund. The Special has now sold well over 200, and we have received only 5 returns. The newest “Lose Weight” is basically the Special with an additional script and hypnotic session. Over 100 of these have been sold, and no returns at all.


How does it work? Well, quite frankly, no one knows exactly, because it works on the “unconscious” or “subconscious” part of the brain. The theory is that repetition gradually convinces the unconscious to shift and change the two brain waves, and to relax and allow stress to be lowered. Using the conscious mind to do the work of “convincing” is stressful, but faster. The subliminal (under the threshold) sleep is not stressful at all. Of course, the big and real difference is the simplicity and low cost. Compare $6000 up to $147, and that’s just for ADD/ADHD. Autism requires up to hundreds of sessions, and is truly only for the very wealthy.


Because this repetition can be placed onto a CD, we can also place scripts lowering other stress factors. A script lowering PTSD is included as well as others. This is not possible with NFB alone.


There is a free article on a four part therapy using an NT CD available free at

< &b=80HaCWQRXX75i 5lDdm8PMQ>.


This lengthy article clearly allows all therapies easily done “at home”, and the success stories are shown in the testimonials