Have you noticed the alarming resemblance between window cleaner and mouthwash?

Have you noticed, (fill in your name here),
the alarming resemblance between
window cleaner and mouthwash?

Have you noticed the striking similarity
between glitter nail polish and
glitter toothpaste?

Something doesn’t make sense about
the idea of putting anything that
“may be harmful if swallowed” anywhere
near the mouth.

And yet, in a civilization where people are
so far removed from the power
of plants and good ol’ fashion botanicals,
companies like Crest, Colgate and even
a dozen “pretending to be natural” brands
in the health food store all get away with
selling you tooth goop that you
really didn’t need in the first place.

In fact, if you had been told that your teeth
are alive…

that your teeth need healthy nutrition
and care just like your bones need healthy
nutrition and care…

that the power of plants WAY out wins
the power of petrochemicals…

…then you wouldn’t even think about
lathering your delicate epithelial cells
of your mouth with toxic chemicals.

And, much to the chagrin of Proctor &
Gamble, you wouldn’t spend money
on tooth goop.

In fact, for a coupe dollars you would
get yourself some baking soda,
sea salt and a few essential oils and
you’d not only have more beautiful
heathy, teeth, you would completely
avoid intoxicating your body with,
well, cleverly marketed versions of
window cleaner and nail polish.

Which, at the end of a day isn’t a
very profitable proposition for your
friendly, neighborhood dentist, either.

The truth about your tooth health and
the impact modern dental drama is having
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Truth, when you spot it, is simple, affordable
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Which is why you won’t hear it often
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media and marketing.


Your health, your teeth, your truth-seeking
inner fire deserve to know what’s *really*
going on and we look forward to setting a few
facts straight on the subject of oral health and
what it has to do with your health and well-being
in general.

Love and tooth goop-free teeth,