The Effect of Electrosmog on Your Vibration

We’re often speaking about the negative affects of electrosmog on our vibration.
How it contracts us down and then disrupts higher consciousness connection.
When I started to walk the path, benevolence guided me to investigate the relative affects of, for example,
electricity in our homes, WiFi, mobile phones, TV and computers. 

Of course if we’re to still engage with society (in order to change it), we most probably still have to use various
electro gadgets, but being aware of their affects, consciously balancing the degree of exposure, dissipating negative
frequencies and connecting to the natural vibration of Gaia are all things that will generally reduce the negative impact… 

Unplugging and Earthing 

For me, there came a point when literally walking into a usual matrix house was like walking through a thick veil of smog.
I could literally feel the residual electric currents in the walls.
I was guided not only to switch appliances off, but disconnect them from their sockets too when not in use.
And I was guided to purposefully switch off WiFi and instead use the standard ether net cable.
These alone have quite a dramatic calming affect on the general ambient vibration.