ELF from HAARP — “The Earth’s Magnetic Field IS the Antenna, and YOU Are A Part of the Receiver”

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In addition to the unseen Electrosmog from Wireless Devices that surrounds us, consider the unseen Extremely Low Frequencies that are being generated all around the globe by HAARP installations as a possible detriment to your health or ES recovery.


“The Earth’s Magnetic Field IS the Antenna, and YOU Are A Part of the Receiver”


“Large amounts of energy are being directed into themagnetic field of the earth by the HAARP facility.  This energy is being directed along the earth’s magnetic field lines to you.  It surrounds you and you have no simple means (at least not yet) to evade it.  This energy is, in part, as stated within the HAARP literature, within the ELF (Extremely Low Frequency) portion of the electromagnetic spectrum.  This ELF radiation, although innocuously claimed to serve communication purposes and the like, DOES have an effect upon biological systems; researchinto the topic of cyclotronic resonance upon physiologically importantions will further that knowledge.  This energy can be detected and observed and its artificial nature identified.  It has been measured at a maximum in accordance with the direction of the magnetic lines of the earth. ” http://www.carnicominstitute.org/articles/elf19.htm


(To research the topic of cyclotronic resonance, ELF and its effects upon human biology, refer to Robert Becker’s, (M.D.) book entitled “Cross Currents” for a good introduction to this subject.) Detected frequencies (in 2002-03) are occurring primarily on multiples of 4Hz  Frequencies commonly being recorded are at 12, 16, 20, 24. 28, 32, 36, and 40 cycles per second.  Previous research also shows that this frequency list minimally includes the additional frequencies of 2, 4 and 8 Hz.  Spectral analysis techniques also indicate the presence of a discernible periodic component within the data of approximately 3.5 minutes.


These frequencies occur in the range of the primary electromagnetic activity of the human brain, i.e. the human brain operates primarily within the same range of frequencies that are repeatedly being recorded. http://www.carnicominstitute.org/html/articles_by_date.html


“The military’s own Executive Summary of the HAARP program clearly states their reliance on ELF waves. Instead of transmitting these wavesfrom ground based transmitters, HAARP created these waves through the use of “pulse” transmissions of their HF energy beams. Or, to put itanother way, HAARP duplicated the ELF signals by turning their signal on and off at rates (30 to 3000 cycles per second) within the ELF range. The result was that ELF radiation could be directed to aspecific area on the surface of the planet, at will.”



These frequencies occur within the range that is well established to affect both biological and mental functions,  including, but not limited to:


1. Mental functioning


2. Suppression of the immune system


3. Effect upon free radical reactions


4. DNA and genetic influences


5. The role of cyclotronic resonance in ELF-biological interactionsWe see that the minimum influence of 0.1 uW/cm2 has led to reported results of altered EEG waves and that the maximum intensity of 120uW / cm2 has led to reported pathological changes in the blood brain barrier.  If the HAARP Facility has the stated objective of transmitting over 1 billion watts of power into the ionsophere, (numerous sources state that a maximumlevel of 3.6 billion watts of power has already been achieved), that translates to 10 Watts of ELF energy, or approximately 1000uW/cm2   which gives great cause for concern, since it has already been stated that a  maximum field of 120uW/cm2, (which is far less) has the corresponding effect of a “pathological change in the blood brain barrier”.



These  comments are from research done by Clifford Carnicom in 2002-2003 and can be viewed at:


http://www.carnicominstitute.org/html/articles_by_date.html  and then searching for Articles starting with ELF.


It would be great if any of the more technical inclined persons reading this could contact Carnicom and offer to assist him with his measurements or contribute to his research on this subject.  He is the only one I know of tirelessly doing this kind of research to benefit us all, and he could use some help and/or funding.


C. Carnicom also states in his article ELF DISRUPTION & COUNTER MEASURES that he used a Frequency Generator like the Hulda Clark Zapper or Rife Machine with the particular circuit being used having a measured output of approximately 30kHz.  He then observed that mental clarity during the specific events referenced is significantly improved and essentially returns to a normal state after the use of the frequency generator for a period of approximately 1/2 to 1 hour.


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