What’s Ailing America?


Rebecca Carley, MD                                       

Last week I received phone calls from 2 moms who have been forever affected by bioweapon vaccines.  One mom told me how her 4 month old son (who was born 2 months premature) received vaccines and was dead within 12 hours.  This mom had lost her husband in a car accident; her son was her only connection to the man she loved.  Then her house burnt down, causing her to move in with her parents.  She was breast feeding her child, and had him sleep in her bed (as many moms do) so she could feed him when he was hungry during the night.  The morning after her son received the vaccines recommended under the vaccine schedule (which does not take into consideration whether a child was born premature), she woke up to find her son dead.  The police were called, and even though he was still pink and warm, no attempt was made to resuscitate him.  They brought him directly to the coroner’s office; 2 months later, there is no cause of death.  When she reported to the police that her son had been vaccinated less than 12 hours prior, they requested the medical records from the pediatrician, who REQUESTED SHE SIGN A DOCUMENT THAT RELIEVED THE WHITE COAT OF ANY RESPONSIBILITY.  The police officer actually advised her to sign that document, demonstrating the complicity that always occurs to cover up death by bioweapon vaccines.  Despite her tremendous grief, she knew better than to sign such a document.  The police have not yet decided whether to charge her with murder for sleeping in the same bed with her son (implying she rolled onto him and he suffocated).  As usual, this “coincidentally” occurred the night after her son was assaulted with bioweapon vaccines.  I suggested she order the book “Shaken Baby Syndrome or Vaccine Induced Encephalitis; are Parents being Falsely Accused?” by Harold Buttram, MD and Christina England, and that she contact Dr. Buttram to help her bring forth a case in vaccine court.  I will help her as a scientific expert in vaccine induced diseases, but since I was robbed of my medical license in 2003 due to my alleged “delusion of conspiracy”. I cannot testify as a licensed medical doctor (which of course was the reason they went after my license in the first place).


The second mom took her infant son to a health clinic in Tulsa, Oklahoma to receive the H1N1 vaccine in 2009.  Over the next few days he started developing a fever, which eventually reached 108 degrees farenheight (note that I have never heard of a temperature that high).  He was admitted to the hospital where he was diagnosed with bacterial meningitis.  Over the course of the 6 months he was there, he developed circulatory collapse and ended up having both of his legs, all of his fingers and part of his nose AMPUTATED.  In all, 34 children who received the same vaccine from the same clinic (including her daughter) ended up getting alleged “bacterial” meningitis.  30 OF THOSE CHILDREN DIED.  Yet, the possibility that the vaccine was the cause was denied by everyone; when she went to the media, they participated in the cover up.  Go to to see the story that was broadcasted by a fox news affiliate.  Go to and scroll down to the show from November 17, 2012 to hear the show VACCINE INDUCED DEATH COVER UP by Moms who have lived it where these 2 moms both called in.  This show is going viral and waking up so many people…please share it with anyone you know that has children.  It could save their life.


Let me remind you of the case of the Massachusetts compounding pharmacy “New England Compounding Center” whose fungus tainted steroids which white coats were injecting into people’s spinal canals resulted in 32 deaths.  As reported in a Charlotte Observer article on page 9 A on 11/15/12 (which is no longer available at their website), this has resulted in a congressional investigation which revealed that the FDA and the Massachusetts Board identified contamination in the very same drug at issue in the outbreak going on now 10 YEARS AGO.  Has anyone been fired at these agencies?  OF COURSE NOT!  FDA head Margaret Hamburg stated “this should be a wake up call that there is a gap in regulatory oversight.  We need strong, clear and appropriate legislation”.  It is crystal clear to me that this was intentional, because this has given an excuse to go after compounding pharmacies.  Most compounding pharmacies fill prescriptions for non-pharmaceutical remedies, especially bioidentical hormones made out of plant based hormones for women.  It is obvious that this is another ploy by big pharma to go after their competiton.  After all, it has been reported in Vanity Fair that over 200,000 people die every year from prescription drugs ( ).  There were no congressional hearings held after that expose came out!  And isn’t it interesting that when 30 out of 34 children who died after getting alleged “bacterial meningitis” in Tulsa, OK in 2009, there was no investigation into the “coincidence” that they had all received the H1N1 vaccine?  Isn’t it amazing how self evident vaccine induced deaths and disease are always denied?


There is a pediatrician who writes a column in the Charlotte Observer who I have e-mailed in the past in regards to her disgusting promotion of the vaccine scam.  I was outraged to read her most recent offering today; “Flu vaccine protects pregnant mom, baby” which you can read at .  She is a psychopath promoting murder by injection calling it “health”.  These monsters sell their soul for cash, and promote the vaccine agenda because to do otherwise would affect their pocketbooks.  My goal is to put them out of business.  My son became brain damaged by the vaccines administered to him by pediatrician Monica Melamedoff in Long Island ( ).  After I researched vaccines and what they really do (as well as how to reverse the damage with homeopathy), I brought her a mountain of evidence on what I learned.  She told me she “didn’t have time” to read what I had brought her.  However, I did hear later from another mother who brought her children to this monster that she no longer gave the vaccines herself; rather, she had her nurse do the deed.  Apparently she beLIEves that by not injecting the bioweapon herself, she will not rot in hell.  She also retaliated against me by helping the corrupt judge Richard Lawrence in Nassau County Family Court give custody of my son Joey to his abuser.  Various documents proving the corruption and fraud this monster participated in are available at under the picture of Joey and I.  CHECK IT OUT FOR YOURSELF.  My son continues to be tortured, and has had no contact with his mom for over a decade because of psychopaths like Dr. Melamedoff.


I have been calling bioweapon vaccines “weapons of mass destruction” for many years.  As I state on my website , I have learned the legal definition of WMD:


The “Legal” definition of Weapons of Mass destruction” follows (and can be accessed in any law library under these headings; all states have equivalent statutes):

West’s North Carolina General Statutes Annotated

Chapter 14. Criminal Law

Subchapter X. Offenses Against the Public Safety

Article 36B. Nuclear, Biological, or Chemical Weapons of Mass Destruction

§ 14-288. 21. Unlawful manufacture, assembly, possession, storage, transportation, sale, purchase, delivery, or acquisition of a nuclear, biological, or chemical weapon of mass destruction; exceptions; punishment

(c) The term “nuclear, biological, or chemical weapon of mass destruction”, as used in this Article, means any of the following:

(1) Any weapon, device, or method that is designed or has the capability to cause death or serious injury through the release, dissemination, or impact of:

a. Radiation or radioactivity;

b. A disease organism; or

c. Toxic or poisonous chemicals or their immediate precursors.

(d) Any person who violates any provision of this section is guilty of a Class B1 felony.

Now, of course there is a loophole put in when WMD are used “lawfully”:

(a) Except as otherwise provided in this section, it is unlawful for any person to knowingly manufacture, assemble, possess, store, transport, sell, offer to sell, purchase, offer to purchase, deliver or give to another, or acquire a nuclear, biological, or chemical weapon of mass destruction.

(b) This section does not apply to:

(1) Persons listed in G.S. 14-269(b) with respect to any activities lawfully engaged in while carrying out their duties.

(2) Persons under contract with, or working under the direction of, the United States, the State of North Carolina, or any agency of either government, with respect to any activities lawfully engaged in under their contracts or pursuant to lawful direction.

(3) Persons lawfully engaged in the development, production, manufacture, assembly, possession, transport, sale, purchase, delivery or acquisition of any biological agent, disease organism, toxic or poisonous chemical, radioactive substance or their immediate precursors, for preventive, protective, or other peaceful purposes.

In the book “Lab 257; the Disturbing Story of the Government’s Secret Plum Island Laboratory” by Michael Christopher Carroll, we get a critical admission in Chapter 14, “The Homeland”.  He documents that Dr. David Huxsol, who was appointed Plum Island Director in 2000, stated the following:  “The plant that would produce biological agents for weapons purposes may not look much different from the plant that produces biological agents for vaccine purposes…in the case of biological agents, you can measure what you need for the same area in Long Island in kilograms, not tons.  That’s because you can DISSEMINATE THEM IN AN AEROSOL….(just like Bill Gates is doing…. ).


The holidays are upon us; this week, families will be gathering to celebrate Thanksgiving.  It is a great opportunity to open up some minds, which must continue to be done if we are ever to stop the crimes against humanity being committed on all levels.  Not to mention that we are paying for our own demise.  Saying NO to bioweapon vaccines is easy to do, and a most important place to start.  Please do all you can to spread the word.  And if you would like to learn what vaccines your turkey received, go to .  If I were you, I would pass on the wings…that is where the live viruses are injected.