What’s Ailing America?


Rebecca Carley, MD                                       


As FBI director J. Edgar Hoover said in 1956, “The individual is handicapped by coming face to face with a conspiracy so monstrous that he cannot believe it exists.  The American mind has not come to a realization of the evil which has been introduced into our midst…it rejects even the assumption that human creatures could espouse a philosophy which must ultimately destroy all that is good and decent”.  Since if you don’t have your health you have nothing, the first thing everyone MUST do in my opinion is to research what the medical mafia is up to.  I have concluded, beyond ANY doubt, that vaccines are bioweapons which not only give you the infectious dis-ease you are allegedly being “protected” from, but also cause a corruption in the immune system that leads to all autoimmune diseases, non-traumatic seizures, cancer and genetic damage, in people and in pets (as explained in my paper “Inoculations the True Weapons of Mass Destruction” on  I wrote this paper in 2005, and have updated it a few times.  I have been working on a book to expand this information; the problem is that I have acquired such a massive amount of documentation that the medical psychopaths are intentionally creating disease with bioweapon vaccines that it would end up being an encyclopedia if I included all that I want to include.  So the editing process continues, while simultaneously I continue to acquire more proof of the intentionality of the harm being perpetrated on the people.  As I always say, don’t believe me…check things out for yourself.  This information will save your life IF you are willing to do your homework, and then face reality as to what is going on.  The crimes against humanity being perpetrated against the people by the psychopaths who control the world are endless, and must be stopped.  However, to gain the strength to even face what is going on, you must have your health.

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Investigative journalist Christina England from the UK is, in my opinion, the primary journalist who is doing top level work in the area of bioweapon vaccines.  In fact, she uncovered documents labeled “not for publication” ( ) that prove what I have been saying for 15 years; that autism is actually subacute sclerosing panencephalitis due to the measles vaccine, and that the name was changed to autism to hide that fact. This should have been shouted from the rooftops by all the autism groups around the world; however, since all of these groups are shills for big pharma talking only about mercury, the silence from them is deafening.  Christina has proven that what I have been saying for 15 years is true; that the live measles vaccine causes autism.  Thus, there is no such thing as a safe vaccine.  The parents who donate millions of dollars to these shill groups continue to be misinformed, and none of these groups even mention the protocol I have developed which reverses all vaccine induced diseases, including over 4,000 cases of autism.


Christina continues to expose the atrocities involving vaccines in the articles she writes.  A recent article she wrote, which can be accessed at , starts out with the statement that “The American Medical Association (AMA) recently published a paper proposing the introduction of a new law to force you and your children into experimental vaccine trials against your wishes. Your only way out of this directive would be to sign an ‘opt out form.”.  Excuse me?  Our children are to become lab rats for big pharma?  WHAT WILL IT TAKE FOR THE PEOPLE TO RISE UP AND SAY NO?  That is the question I ask myself every single day.

How bad is it getting?  Go to to find out.  This article states that “One “bold idea” is unmanned aerial vehicles to quickly and inexpensively deliver vaccines to hard-to-reach areas. The vehicles will be deployed remotely by healthcare workers. The winner of this project is the Harvard-MIT Health Sciences and Technology Division, with five students under the direction of Professor George Barbastathis.”  So, it becomes obvious that eugenisist Bill Gates has figured out that by calling bioweapons “vaccines”, he can fund drones to spray them on people in third world countries.  How obvious can it be that his intention is genocide, and that this man is a psychopath who kills people in the name of philanthropy?  This article also talks about the spraying of rabies:  “The oral rabies vaccine is nothing new. In this country, 12+ million doses of Raboral V-RG are dropped from unmanned aircraft every year. Worldwide, more than 100 million doses since the late 1980s. [7] The cost? In the U.S. and Canada, approximately $130 million in a decade.” Once again, spraying live rabies on vast populations is called a “vaccine”, when it is a bioweapon attack on citizens by their own governments.  Once again I ask….what will it take, people, for you to stand up and say NO?  Why are you paying for your own demise?


One of the most chilling vaccine companies I have come across is called “Epivax”.  I strongly suggest you check out their website, starting with .  Note at the bottom of that page they mention “HUMANIZED MICE”.  The mad scientists obviously have absolutely no oversight in the atrocities they are committing, the unholy assaults to nature and its creations.  Where will it end?  What will happen when the monsters they are creating are released into nature?


If ONLY the police and military who have taken an oath to protect citizens from terrorists and crimes against humanity could be awakened.  Journalist Christina England has accomplished what I thought would be impossible…she found a police sergeant in Australia who went on the record not only in regards to how he was vaccine damaged by the hepatitis B vaccine, but also in regards to the fact that “police are writing off cases of possible vaccine injury as Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. They also highlight the fact that due to biased and inadequate training, the police are falsely accusing parents of manslaughter and Shaken Baby Syndrome and parents killing their own children because they have been brainwashed to search for signs of abuse, assault and foul play whenever a child dies”.  This extremely important article can be accessed at .  Imagine being accused of murdering your child after they die due to a vaccine reaction, and being put in jail for the rest of your life?  This is how complicit the police, proscecutors and courts are in protecting big pharma and their bioweapon vaccines.  If only we can the word out to the police and military who are being killed and maimed by vaccines themselves; whose children are being harmed as well.  This would be a major move forward in stopping this assault on humanity.  I am thrilled that Christina and Officer Savage have agreed to be my guests on my internet radio show on on 11/25/12 from 4-6 PM EST.  Please tune in, and tell everyone you know.


We now have a landmark case in the UK involving a woman who was wrongly accused for killing her baby who was murdered by bioweapon vaccines (see ) .

YOU COULD BE NEXT….imagine being forced into an experimental vaccine trial as the AMA is pushing for, the experimental vaccine kills your child, and then you are charged with murder for bringing up the obvious vaccine connection! These psychopaths must be stopped….