Are antipsychotics becoming standard procedure for depression

Sat Nov 17, 2012 7:54 am (PST) . Posted by:

Unfortunately, the answer is YES. That’s where the profit is for Big
Pharma. The real tragedy is that the increase in Depression and Autism is
due more to the increase o Mercury in our air, water and soil. Hasn’t
anyone except a very few of us noted that these curves match all too well.

Yet more tragical is the simple fact that taking plain ascorbic acid
vitamin C in amounts of 4000mg per 160 pounds of body weight will actually
“cure” most depressions. The dental practice of taking out amalgam
fillings as also shown to be effective in many cases.

I also agree with Yvonne completely that way too many depressions of all
kinds are diagnosed as “Bi-polar”. It has become the “best” name for
“collecting MD fees”, and in most cases is not even close. (Unless the
word “bipolar” somehow means “mercury.

If one simply lowers the various types of stress, and supplements diet with
ascorbic acid, virtually all so-called “mental” diseases are easily
“cured”. (ut, that doesn’t put a huge profit into Big Pharma’s pocket with
which to “buy” more politicians.