How Our Light bodies will come to life – through the Language of light.

How Our Light bodies will come to life – through the Language of light.

1.If our creation came into being through our own Divine Spark that dwells within each and every physical vehicle, our human form. Then on the physical plane, it can control the ratio between the plasmic state of living things and atomic-molecular matter.

2.If our light body is made up of Light Geometries used in consciousness creation, inspiration, healing, etc. then it can mathematically again arrange each of the energy meridians of the human system, in order to make them available to guide and energise the physical body.

3.If this vast amount of information, that has been hidden is now becoming available, it will so be it that through a gentle understanding of the basics, we can all begin to rebuild our consciousness into the Original, or Divine, Blueprint that is our Nature.4.If essentially, the Ascension Program is the energetic process of infusing all physical matter with a faster oscillation of light. Then this will transform all heavier physical substances into a higher, lighter and more malleable frequency.

5.If boundaries between 3rd dimensional existence and the spirit world decrease – because lately we increasingly hear reports of sightings and communications from angels, devas and other 4th dimensional and inter-dimensional beings. We Then start to look around us and see how the angelic kingdom has already become more accessible in TV shows, movies, cards, statues and channeled messages on the Internet.

6.If by willingly participation in this process of self-transformation, the human ego personality will become an effective tool of our Higher Self.