• Jan Jenson Feeling BAD – drink a QUART of WATER – then wait two hours and drink another QUART. The water will flush toxins OUT of your body and GREATLY IMPROVE anything going weird inside you…
  • Vince Cushite That’s interesting Jan, I never heard that. Thanks for the insight.
  • Improving your breathing does MORE GOOD than just about anything, except the water. Those go hand-in-hand, in MY opinion. Then add GREAT NUTRITION and you’ve got a 1-2-3 PUNCH that triggers FANTASTIC HEALTH.
  •  and use a rebounder for 10-15 minutes twice a day and watch your HEALTH ZOOM UPWARD!
    How GOOD do YOU want to FEEL???
    About 8 years ago I met a lady who was 92 who had spent the past 6 years IN BED. Some friends of hers from the nursing home started going to a local health center and just by using a rebounder (with a handle across the top to hang on to) improved SOO MUCH that she DEMANDED to be taken OUT of bed and put into a wheel chair and go where those friends went to see what they were doing! Within 6 months she was walking several miles a day… at 92!
    I also suggest getting 15-30 minutes of sunlight EVERY DAY… start sun gazing to stimulate and heal your pineal gland… or have regular light therapy sessions.  Check this website for more information about light therapy: