Thanks to Victoria Lanakila Generao for this post
Judy Satori, Ph.D.

Cleansing the Blood
I have worked with energy for the past 15 years and as we move closer to 2012 my spiritual guides have been insistent about the need for me to continually detoxify and purify the body so that I might hold more light within the cells and tissues.

As you begin working with the Full Moon transmissions for the re-synthesis and re-genesis of the body you may begin to find that your emotions get triggered, or that you feel tired or a little unwell. This is because as light comes into the cells of the body, energy distortion caused by karmic miasmic patterning, the energy residue of past life trauma gets released and cleared from your energy fields. The clearing helps you to hold more light and therefore accelerates your ascension process. The emotionality only lasts a day or so and the way to handle it is to drink lots and water and rest.

The blood also carries light/energy along with oxygen in the hemoglobin molecules within the red blood cells. The red blood corpuscles are actually crystalline. As the blood is transposed into the next level of creation, the Fifth Dimension, it literally becomes like a sacred river of light flowing through the body.

As part of the Full Moon transmissions for the blood there are energy transmissions to cleanse and purify, but this energetic cleansing will be greatly enhanced it you carry out a physical detoxification regime for the body. Not only will you feel better, your body will be able to hold more light and you will not be as affected by ascension symptoms (see Ascension and You). If you are physically challenged or unwell, your body will be assisted to heal.

It is important to carry out a physical blood-cleansing regime because live blood is usually full of pathogens, microorganisms such as parasites, bacteria, yeast and fungal infestations. Over time these pathogens can grow and change their shape, putting huge stress on the immune system.

It is recommended to cleanse the body in this sequence:

Colon – Digestive System

Liver, Gallbladder – possibly combined with parasite cleansing

Lungs, Kidneys and Bladder
Blood, Skin and Lymph

You can still cleanse the blood only by taking herbal tinctures or formulations, such as red clover, chapparal or Essiac tea and maybe alternating this with parasite cleansing and taking Pau D’arco if you have a history of candida or yeast infestation. It is probably better however to work through the other organs and systems of the body first. Go slowly as you gradually change your diet to include more fresh, raw and live foods, fruits and vegetables.

Physical detoxification systems are available everywhere. Proteolytic enzymes work to clear debris from the blood and optimize its function. They also work to reduce chronic inflammation, a major cause of aches and pains and premature aging. They reduce scar tissue and help eliminate immune disorders and allergies. They are taken between meals.

Regenerative Tonic for the Body
These seven energy transmissions from the Elohim will help the body recalibrate to fifth dimensional energy and will assist with regeneration. It is a good transmission to build into your daily routine and listen to once daily for about three months. Then you will be ready for more intensive regenesis.

These transmissions will greatly help you if you are experiencing health challenges as they will also serve to balance and smooth karmic release. As the energy coming in to Earth from the Galactic Center accelerates it is bringing up for clearing old energy patterns of past life thought and belief. These lower vibrational energies are held as a kind of distorted static on all levels of the body’s energy anatomy, from the DNA to the auric field surrounding the body.

It is the higher dimensional energy hitting these lower vibrational energy distortions that can make you feel emotionally or physically unwell and that can actually lead to physical dis-ease situations occurring in the body.

Dealing with Solar Flares, Cosmic Radiation and Increasing Electromagnetic Energy Bombarding Earth

The increasing frequency of electromagnetic energy coming into Earth’s atmosphere from the Galactic Center is tuning us into the frequencies of the new fifth dimensional Earth and preparing the Earth for this shift in consciousness and vibration. Information from the Elohim is that these energies will increase each month during 2012.