The power of Silica!






The power of Silica!

Silica (or silicon which is silica with an oxygen molecule attached) is a very important mineral which is present in our blood vessels, our hair, the lymph, muscles, nails, skin, teeth cartilage, connective tissues and tendons.

Silica is as super insulator and directs the flow of the body’s electrics through the electrolyte salts in the blood. It also helps to maintain the elasticity of the arterial walls.

A silica rich diet promotes strong teeth, healthy nails, bones and helps to prevent cavities. This is partially because silica biologically transmutes to calcium in the body and is the best way to increase our body’s stores of organic calcium.

Some signs of a silica deficiency include:
-Poor Skin Quality
-Brittle Hair and Nails
-Dental Cavities
-Weak Bones
-Weak Tendons and Ligaments
-Lung Disorders

Top Food Sources of Silica:
-Young Bamboo Shoots
-Hemp Leaves
-Oat Straw
-Mature Grasses (Barley, Wheat, etc)
-Romaine Lettuce
-Burdock Root
-Cucumber (skin)
-Bell Peppers (skin)
-Young Greens
-Steel-Cut Oats

Silica also keeps your body soft and bendy!

 — with Walter Lombardo.