Health Benefits of ” CHERRY AND CHERRY STEMS ”

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Health Benefits of ” CHERRY AND CHERRY STEMS ”

( After consuming cherry, don’t throw the cherry stems away. Dry the cherry stems in shade. Put a spoon of cherry stem in a glass of boiling water. Brew for 5-10 minutes, drink it every morning and evening. )

1 ) Natural Detox : Cleans the Blood

2 ) is useful for Kidneys. Prevents the formation of Kidney Stones

3 ) is Diuretic

4 ) Lowers Cholesterol.

5 ) Very useful for Liver.

6 ) Effective against Rheumatism, Arthritis, Gout and Atherosclerosis.

7 ) Has the effect of relieving Pain. Instead of swallowing a handful of aspirin, eat a cherry.

8 ) Easier to Digest.

9 ) Strengthens the Nerves, has a calming effect.

10 ) Helps Weight Loss, because it assigns the excess liquid from the body.

11 ) is good for Thirst.