Developing Your Psychic Ability

by Rev. Diannia Baty  –

Believe it or not, you are psychic. We are all psychic, but are conscious of our abilities to varying degrees. You use your own psychic awareness or intuition daily. When you have a “gut reaction” or know something “in your heart,” you are very clear about what your intuition is saying to you. When you feel uncomfortable with someone or something, or get the sudden impulse to change your plans or do something differently, you’re picking up subtler clues from your inner guidance system. Each time you empathize with someone, feeling for a moment how they feel, you are connecting with them energetically, transcending the physical limits of space and time to know another’s reality.

It is not necessary or even advisable to take on another’s emotions or experience in order to perceive that person’s reality or to predict the probable future. However, the same sort of energetic shift must be made mentally to consciously connect with the information sought, whether it’s for another or for one’s self. There are many ways to consciously access one’s intuition when approaching everyday questions.

The process of developing one’s psychic abilities is the process of becoming more “awake” in one’s life. In sudden spiritual awakenings it can be like putting on glasses after years of not seeing with 20/20 vision, and not having known that one’s vision was less than it could be. Usually, however, there is a more gradual development of psychic skills. Most humans can run, but a runner who practices and trains regularly, pushing himself to become better, faster, and more enduring, is clearly able to perform much better as a runner and with greater ease. Similarly, a psychic who has developed and improved upon her abilities is able to access information that is clearer and more accurate than can an untrained person, and is able to do this with much greater ease.

There are many positive aspects of becoming more aware, but there are also some challenges that come with the territory. It can be disconcerting to be seeing things that no one else sees. One begins to feel fundamentally different from most people. It can be hard to “turn off” one’s sensitivity, and being in crowds or around negative people can become very difficult. Sometimes the psychic may see into his/her own future, and it can become difficult to go with the flow in one’s life when the outcome of a particular relationship or situation has been foreseen.

Psychic ability also comes with a great deal of responsibility. Those who develop such ability must concurrently develop a greater sense of love and integrity, for not only will they have a greater affect on others, the repercussions of their own actions will be more dramatic and immediate. Spiritually, one is held to higher standards the more one develops. We are responsible for all the knowledge we possess.

This said, there are many positive aspects to developing one’s psychic abilities. The most profound result is a deep knowing that we are more than physical bodies in a physical universe. An opening psychic comes to experience the magic of Spirit on a daily basis, and develops naturally a great faith that there is purpose behind our experiences and that there are great and benevolent forces at work in the Universe. A skilled and compassionate psychic can facilitate the realization of her own goals and those of others by accessing information about the roots of unwanted experiences and the paths toward fulfillment.
~ Lady D ~