What do healthy raw fooders eat in a typical day?

When I searched online for raw vegan menu plans,  I was shocked to find menus with 60% of their calories from fat. Why so much fat?
The raw food diet eliminates complex carbs which are low in fat… like cooked root veggies, whole grains, and legumes. That leaves three main food groups: vegetables, fruits, and fats.
Vegetables are fantastic sources of vitamins and minerals. But they’re very low in calories. Fruits — especially sweet fruits — have more calories. But since they digest quickly, you get hungry soon after eating them.
So it’s natural to rely on nuts, seeds, avocados, coconut, and oil to feel full. What’s more, raw recipes that imitate comfort foods like pizza, cookies, crackers, and pudding typically use nuts, seeds, and oil as their main ingredients. The problem?
Too much fat in your diet puts you at risk for heart disease, cancer and diabetes.  (Yes, even too much “good” fat.)
So I asked two raw food chefs to log what they ate in a typical day. The authors are Dina Knight and Elaina Love, both of whom are certified Raw Foods Chefs from the Living Light Culinary Arts Institute. (Elaina actually teaches at Living Light.) I also logged my meals for a day.

To find out what we ate,