Allan Darman has Made The Top Ten Most Wanted List For FEMAcare It Seems

I Have Made The Top Ten Most Wanted List For FEMAcare It Seems

Posted by: “nutrientscure”   allen_dar

Sat Dec 17, 2011 6:50 am (PST)

As poor as my morale may be at times, as discussed in a prior blog I wrote five days ago titled “Hackers My Morale and A Few Other Things”, as of the 16th of December, 2011 I have decided I had better force myself back to work again blogging-wise.

This is no time for me to be idle and wallowing in disappointment, anger, and self-pity for sure.

Between (1) the coming likely Internet Censorship of my Nutrientscure WordPress website of almost 600 blogs (and my other material in various websites on the Internet), (2) the recent looming activation of the FEMA camp system in the U.S., and (3) the fact that Obama’s corporate puppet government can now (and most probably will within a matter of months) secretly lock me up indefinitely without any charges or a trial, I had better start saying something that might get me some real help in the next month or two.

I find it a bit ironic that despite Big Pharma’s Mafia friends numerous attempts trying to kill me in the past two years, the Mafia is now the lesser of my two evils enemy-wise.

Apparently MY OWN FEDERAL GOVERNMENT HAS ARRANGED AND SCHEDULED to stop me from using the Internet to plant seeds of Truth. (The U.S. Government has to be deathly afraid of the OWS Movement widely discovering my work and the work of Gary Vesperman on top of what it already knows.)

Obama’s FEMAcare program is soon going to silence me by locking me up indefinitely (or by killing me) for threatening a number of their corporate puppet-masters, especially Big Pharma (my body of knowledge in regard to healing crushes drug oriented medicine with the Truth).

Although I might not be locked up in the first wave of those jailed in FEMA camps for telling the Truth on the Internet (in a last ditch attempt to discredit the significance of my work), I almost certainly have made the Top Ten Most Wanted on the U.S. Government’s Indefinite Detention FEMAcare List, Red List, or whatever it is called.

I am going to be a Silenced Man or Dead Man For Sure! if the Powers That Be get their hands on me, whether these Powers are Big Pharma and its Mafia goons, or they are MY OWN Federal Government (which is controlled by “the Corporations” , whether these corporations be Big Pharma, Big Agriculture, Big Oil, Big Energy, Big Auto, Big Banking, Wall Street, etc.).

It is not my own personal well being that is my primary concern. Over eleven years ago I accepted the fact that the course I had chosen to take was going to ultimately cost me my life. My primary concern is “Am I ever going to find the collaborators, the means, and the time to finish my work for the human race?”.


Canada sounds Real Good! to me about now (and is the most practical). So do the Dominican Republic, Panama, Costa Rica, New Zealand, Australia, Brazil, and India sound good to me. Even America’s enemies of record for years such as Cuba, China, or Russia may make some sense emigration-wise if they would grant political asylum to me.

Although Mike Adams of NaturalNews. com recently wrote a Great Article! in regard to his staying here in the U.S. to fight, both myself and my future work are doomed in the U.S. given what has been going on here recently.

As my current means of fiscal support is Social Security Disability, this means I would need to find a health care educator/researcher /writer job of some sort in whatever country I might be lucky enough to migrate to.

[Yes, as of writing this blog I am currently seeking and willing to accept a health educator/researcher /writer job offer outside of the U.S., given the right circumstances. I know the odds of my finding such are probably not very high. I simply state such as this may be my only chance.]

Unfortunately, the Mob most probably has me pinned down from a “safe travel standpoint” with the means that I have access to now. (If I buy a bus, plane, or train ticket they will know this as it occurs, or shortly thereafter. What this means is that even if I was offered a job or granted political asylum somewhere, I might not be able to make it to my destination. )

If I am left without getting adequate help soon enough (such that I cannot finish the job that God seems to have carved out for me), I wonder if the World will ever realize the Great Significance of what I have either discovered, co-discovered, or learned about from others in regard to the Five UNIVERSAL Principles (and Most of the Practices) For Gaining, Retaining, ***And*** Recovering Human Health.

Allen Darman

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