Internal Sensations of the Breath

Dennis Lewis | July 12, 2011 at 10:44 am | URL:

“As we explore ourselves more intimately as breathing beings, we discover that the internal sensations we have of our breath and ourselves have many different densities and levels. We can discern, for example, solid, earthlike sensations; liquid, waterlike sensations; and gaseous, airlike sensations. We can experience the dense, contracted sensation of pain, the fluid sensation of ease and pleasure, and the expansive sensation of joy, love, and appreciation. We can also experience the spacious, open sensation of inner freedom–freedom from the chronic tensions and contractions of our self-image that manifest in our muscles, bones, and tissues. In this state, we begin to experience our breath and our sensation of ourselves as transparent and without boundaries.”


–from my book “Free Your Breath, Free Your Life”