The Dairy Industry's 100 Achilles Heels – Hundreds of millions of pus cells fill a quart bottle of milk!

The Dairy Industry’s 100 Achilles Heels

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The Dairy Industry’s 100 Achilles Heels


In Greek mythology, the Argus was a vicious creature

with 100 eyes which Hermes killed. That creature later

became the eye-like tail feathers of male peacocks.


In Greek mythology, Achilles was the near-invincible

warrior with just one weakness, his heel. Ultimately,

Achilles died by a poisoned arrow striking that

unprotected heel.


Had Hermes met Argus, and had the Greek gods joined

the two, we would have had an all-powerful creature

with 100 Achilles heels…much like today’s

well connected all powerful dairy industry.


Like Achilles, it is just a matter of time before

the dairy industry ceases to exist.


Here is a link to 100 (or more) milk-related

Achilles heels—


—but by far, the most disgusting, offensive weakness

of today’s modern dairy industry is that milk is naturally

loaded with copious quantities of pus. They call it somatic

cells, which are composed of dead white blood cells, dead

virus, bacteria, phlegm, and mucus. FDA and the Notmilkman

call somatic cells pus cells.


Hundreds of millions of pus cells fill a quart

bottle of milk. If the somatic cell count (pus

cell count) of milk is 400 million, that translates

into 35 percent of the dairy herd being infected

with mastitis. Blood, phlegm, dirt, mucus,

dead bacterial cells…add a bit of sugar and

whipped pus with a cherry on top and you’ve got

America’s favorite summer treat!


In Europe, the legal limit of pus cells in milk is

400 million. Milk containing more than 400 million

pus cells per liter is illegal to sell in European



In the United States, the legal limit is 750

million pus cells per liter. Before 1993, America’s

dairy industry was allowed up to one billion

pus cells per liter.


In May of 2011, the National Conference on

Interstate Milk Shipments (NCIMS) addressed the dairy

industry’s biggest Achilles heel and considered

the greatest marketing issue in their history.

They would insist on cleaning up the milk by adopting

the European standard.


Opportunity was there…and so was a vote taken

by 51 delegates to the convention. Majority would rule.


The final tally was 26-25. The clean-the-milk issue

was defeated. The allowable pus cell count in

milk will remain at the dirty and unsafe level

of 750 million cells per liter.


Nice going, guys. You continue to hope that

major media keeps your secret. For you, this

will one day become your biggest Achilles heel!


Robert Cohen