A sweet little dessert to increase your calcium/magnesium intake

a sweet little dessert recipe

that I made up, that can be a very pleasant way to get your

cal:mag down and doubles as a grounding dessert for TCM

Deficients with their tendency to low cortisol, and is loaded

with the gamma tocopherol form of Vitamin E. Tahini is also

a source of additional calcium.


Ingredients – put into a little custard dish for mixing,

or other small bowl with rounded bottom:


Mix tahini in the jar before beginning.


2 level T. tahini (ground sesame-seed butter, buy at a

Middle Eastern grocery for best selection and price,

favor a glass jar as a container vs. plastic or metal).

2-3 t. honey.

6 capsules Vitamin Shoppe Calcium Citrate (with Magnesium), opened.


Mix together, mix will be stiff, but you can optionally add

1t. olive oil, IF NEEDED, to be able to mix cal:mag in.

After thoroughly mixed, add 1/4 t. ground cinnamon and mix again.

This mix has about 300 calories, but it can make a nice

finish to a light dinner, and for persons who need to make their

supplements very easy to take.


Carol Willis

June 4, 2011

cbwillis9@yahoo. com