How to keep your gut working right!

Here’s Dr. Phil Bate’s way to get and keep the gut working right.

I use Acidophilus of 8 billion strength – gotten from a refrigerator in the
Health food store and kept cold. If you are just starting – take only 5
capsules, and wait for two days. The “killing off” of yeast and fungus that
this may do causes methane gas and can be severely painful. Stay on 5
capsules every other day until this gas gets low. Then, start taking 10
every other day until any gas goes away. Now, take 20 at once time every
other day for at least 3 times.

Your breath and underarm odors should be gone or very light. Your stool
color should be a light orangery brown, and smell much less than before.
Your gut is now working right.

Now, in a month or so (no antibiotics) if the stool gets darker for a few
days and/or smelly, or your mouth or body odor get bad. simply take 20 more
capsules, and you’re good for perhaps several months. Of course if you take
any antibiotics other than vitamin C or colloidal silver, you’ll need to
repeat the above.

The above is part of my “Integrated 4 Part Therapy for Autism (or Other
Mental Problems) article which can be downloaded free at
http://drbate. com/Ref/articles .html