Most people don't realize the compact fluorescent light bulbs have mercury in them

Esther LeSieur

US Government is phasing out incandescent light bulbs…

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Most people don’t realize the compact fluorescent light

bulbs have mercury in them. If they break in your home, you need to

have a HazMat team come in to clean it up. Not good in homes where

children may knock lamps over, but anyone could drop a bulb while

changing one and suddenly your home becomes a hazardous site.

Also, they are terrible for the environment. They must be disposed of

as hazardous waste. Most people will just throw them in the trash

because they either don’t have a hazardous waste disposal collection

by their waste management company, or they just don’t know. People

are told if they can’t dispose of them at a hazardous waste facility,

they should wrap them in newspaper and put them in the trash! A lot

of good that’s going to do in our landfills when they get broken, and

the mercury eventually leaches into our water supply. Plus what about

breakage in the garbage trucks and the waste collectors who are

exposed to the mercury? So in the name of energy savings, our health

is being put at risk and our environment will be further polluted.

Don’t we have enough mercury filled fish already?

I absolutely cannot tolerate fluorescent lights of any kind, including

the CFL’s. Even my eye doctor has written an article in her

newsletter relating the eye strain they cause. I’m trying to stock up

on incandescents for the next 15 years, being optimistic that I’m

going to live that long.

The phaseout is going to happen from 2012 to 2014, with the 100 watt

bulbs being eliminated first. Already, Target in my area (S.F. Bay

Area) isn’t selling them any more and they are very hard to find.

They seem to be replacing all the incandescent bulbs with the halogen

ones as they sell out their stock.