Supercharge Your Heart Health for as low as $9

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Supercharge Your Heart Health for as low as $9

“Hawthorn is used to cleanse the blood of plaque and

other toxins.”

– Dr. Maoshing Ni, Huffington

“One study found that hawthorn extract (900 mg/day) taken

for 2 months was as effective as low doses of

captopril (a prescription heart medication) in

improving symptoms of heart failure.”

– University of Maryland Medical Center Highlights Numerous Heart

Benefits to Hawthorn

4 Cardiovascular Benefits in One!

– Plummet Blood Pressure

– Bust Unruly Clots that Lead to Stroke and Heart Attack

– Supercharge and Strengthen Your Heart regardless if cholesterol levels

– Slow your Heart Rate!

Candid Testimony, UNSOLICITED

“I was on 3 different blood pressure meds and my BP was still

170/100 for the last 3 years! Now, after getting off the meds and

taking CardioFX, with no other changes, my BP is 124/ 78. You

have got me convinced! I just bought 10 more bottles to for my


– Dr. Romano

“I’m 58 years old and have had two stents. I’ve never felt

better since taking CardioFX. Thanks for an amazing product that

has allowed me to get off the cholesterol-lowering meds pushed by

my doctor.”

– Tom, Deleware

“I bought my husband a bottle of Cardio in hopes that he would

get off his BP meds – He was losing energy and gaining serious

belly fat. After 30 days his BP was lower than when he was taking

his prescriptions! Thank you!”

– Jennifer, California

CardioFX: Huge 150ct bottle for $9 to $19 per month at:

Beyond Hawthorn: Forbidden for 32 Years, FDA Turns Back on

Nature’s Heart Cures

In the past several years, medicinal chemists from around the

world have made four exciting discoveries about the health of the

cardiovascular system. But they’ve been hidden because they

don’t lead to sales of prescription drugs like cholesterol

lowering meds, blood pressure drugs and blood thinners…All of

which are toxic and detrimental to longevity. Here is the

forbidden story:

In 1978, drug giant Sanovi-Aventis released a specialized grape

seed extract to the market named Endotelon™. Its ability to

repair the inner walls of the cardiovascular system (collagen) by

stifling the scorching flames of inflammation astounded

researchers. And it was proven to:

– Increase intracellular vitamin C levels

– Stifle inflammation

– Scavenge oxidants and free radicals

– Repair collagen – the inside of our precious arteries

Sadly, the heart cure was quickly forgotten and even forbidden on

the open market because, as a natural product, it had no patent

rights, which prevented drug monopolies from using it for

exclusivity and to plunder bank accounts.

But over the decades, the news has slowly leaked out, as shown by

the words of scientist Jack Masquelier who discovered the

extracts of grape seed as far back as 1948:

“Research has thus furnished proof that the cardiovascular

protection of the French Paradox is largely based on the

antioxidant properties of grape seed extract. Ignoring this

evidence opens the way to the American Paradox, where we see the

FDA turning its back on one of the most significant contributions

made towards human biology.”

Since 1948, scientific method has advanced radically, and allowed

me to better harness the medicinal healing powers of grapeseed

extract…By learning how to make up to 4 times more powerful!

Endotelon™ was the impetus for my design of CardioFX. As a

chemist who understands the role of nutrients and life extension,

I wanted a formula that was more effective than the earlier grape

seed concoction, but also updated with the latest in

cardiovascular science and natural medicine.

I also wanted to make it as inexpensive as possible so that


the synergy of 4 power ingredients:

1. Grape seed extract

2. Hawthorn

3. Magnesium citrate

4. Garlic

CardioFX: Huge 150ct bottle for $9 to $19 per month at:

Combined, these ingredients in CARDIOFX allow users to attain a

longer, higher quality of life for a FRACTION of the cost thanks


• Increased Blood Flow

• Silky Smooth Blood to Stop Clots

• Relaxed Arteries for Normal Blood Pressure

• Boosted Energy Levels

• Maximized Athletic Performance

• Supercharging Your Heart with Nutrients and Oxygen

In short, your body is restored when you use nature’s heart


And you can stop worrying about cholesterol levels! High

cholesterol levels will not get in the way of these benefits.

Order CardioFX now and you will get my Hidden Truth about

Cholesterol Lowering Drugs eBook FREE which outlines EXACTLY why

high cholesterol will NEVER kill you!

I’m not using the word “supercharged” to inflate or hype

you up with a cheap sales ploy. I mean it.

When I set out to design a “multi-nutrient” for the entire

cardiovascular system, I wanted users – young and old – to

feel IMMEDIATE benefits, while at the same time have MEASURABLE


– I wanted blood pressure to plummet

– I wanted to increase oxygen intake and distribution

– I wanted blood to remain clot free

– I wanted to shorten recovery times

Huge 150ct bottle for $9 to $19 per month at:

I wanted to increase the output of the heart so users could avoid

angina, heart failure and weakened output

Using nature’s heart cures, CardioFX does all of that because

each compounded blend in CardioFX is 3 to 4 times more potent

than anything found in stores thanks to state of the art

extraction methods. And it’s also less expensive than buying

inferior blends off the shelves of your local health food store!!

CardioFX More Potent, Less Expensive

Try to buy these ingredients separately, and you’ll pay

significantly more…Even buying the best deals online,

separately, would not be cost effective…Take it from a current

client who sent this to a close friend:

“I did some review on health supplements to compare them to the

cost of CardioFX. It looks as though Ellison is not trying to rip

people off, cost-wise. Here is a summary of the lowest costs that

I found, translated into a cost for 150 tablets–the number in a

CardioFX bottle:”

Hawthorn – $3.90

Grape Seed – $30

Magnesium Citrate – $6.60

Garlic Powder – $7.42

Total – $47.92

“CardioFX comes to $46.75 if you take advantage of the 15%


“I didn’t research shipping. I figured any differences there

would be minimal. However, as stated above, unless you can find

everything at the same source, which you probably can (though I

did not), the shipping costs would increase.”

The Smarter Choice for Cardiovascular Care

One bottle of CardioFX can last up to five months, or on average

two and a half months. That means you only pay $9 to $19 dollars

per month to supercharge heart health!

Compare that to cholesterol lowering drugs (which cost on average

$200 per month) and blood pressure meds, which come with horrific

side effects and you can see why thousands of people have

switched to CardioFX – It’s the smarter choice in

cardiovascular care.

“It’s always good to know that what we’re buying is a good

deal, especially in the world of supplements, and if a customer

verifies it independently that’s a pretty good testimonial.”

CardioFX: Huge 150ct bottle for $9 to $19 per month at:

Never stop living young,

The People’s Chemist