Sacred Geometry, Sound, Fractals – We live in a Music Universe

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In mathematics, Euclidean SPACE is the Euclidean plane and THREE-DIMENSIONAL space of Euclidean geometry, as well as the generalizations of these notions to HIGER DIMENSIONS.

If SOUND changes, the MATTER changes

The law of vibration says that everything in the UNIVERSE is in a constant state of VIBRATION.


In the beginning was the WORD, the word is SOUND.

PYTHAGORAS’ belief that there is something special, even SACRED, in WHOLE numbers.

In music these whole number ratio’s form scales, the BUILDING BLOCKS of music.

The intervals between HARMONIOUS musical notes always have WHOLE number ratios. For instance, playing half a length of a guitar string gives the same note as the open string, but an octave higher; a third of a length gives a different but harmonious note; etc.

Non-whole number ratios, on the other hand, tend to give dissonant sounds. In this way, Pythagoras described the first FOUR overtones which create the common intervals which have become the primary building blocks of musical harmony: the octave (1:1), the perfect fifth (3:2), the perfect fourth (4:3) and the major third (5:4).

The oldest way of tuning the 12-note chromatic scale is known as Pythagorean tuning, and it is based on a stack of perfect fifths, each tuned in the ratio 3:2.

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