Raw foods on a budget – it's NOT about the price!

Raw Foods on a Budget

Learning how to live Raw Foods on a Budget is such a HUGE topic that it can be difficult to know where to start! Soooooooo (drum roll please!), here are some steps to starting your Raw Foods on a Budget Journey:

Step 1. Chant: “It’s NOT about the price, it’s NOT about the price!”

This may be hard to believe (hence the mantra), but it’s VERY true!!!!  The fact is that we live in a country populated with bad spenders. We don’t know how to spend and when it comes down to food, our shopping habits are even worse. Most of the time, we don’t know how much we spend on food every month, and even when we say we have an idea of how much we spend, we actually spend way more than we think. Because our shopping habits are so out of whack (did you know that 60% of all grocery purchases are impulse buys?), I always tell people to focus on how you spend now, and worry about the price later. Think of it this way: You can either focus on food prices and save a few bucks OR you can learn how to shop and cut your grocery bill in half! Even if you don’t believe the mantra, just say it anyway. You will see what I mean soon enough!!!

Step 2. Invest in Yourself…You and Your Family are Worth It

I have heard people say that they would rather wait and buy my book, Raw Foods on a Budget, after it gets released in July 2011. My reaction goes something like this, “WHY!!! This book pays for itself in grocery shopping trip…and for most of us, it will pay for itself many times over! Why would someone wait to save hundreds of dollars! They could save hundreds before July!” I WISH I would have had this book when I was spending $200-$300 extra every month on groceries, which is a lot for someone like me who lives on a small student stipend.  At the time, I was convinced that 1) I needed a lot of fresh produce because I was raw vegan, 2) high-quality produce was expensive, and 3) it was okay because any food that spoiled would go into my compost bin. However, here’s what I was really doing: I was nurturing an unhealthy idea of abundance and tossing $200-300 in my compost bin every month. Living Raw Foods on a Budget is so much more than the price of food and the price of this book…it’s about cultivating a positive relationship with food, discovering the abundance you already have, living the life you have always wanted, and being able to share that abundance with others. This book will change your life…

P.S. You can purchase the book here: http://www.rawfoodsonabudget.com/products-page

Step 3. Put in the Work…Get the Benefits

Often when we buy a new raw foods book, we scan the text and then jump to the recipes. This is not that kind of book! If you want to benefit from the book, you will need to read the content. In fact, the habit of jumping to the recipes is a type of impulsive behavior (i.e. focusing on what will give you the quickest gratification) that this book is trying to help you unlearn. Living Raw Foods on a Budget is about HOW and WHERE you buy food, how you STORE, PREPARE, and EAT food, and your overall relationship with money and food. There is so much in this book and you want to give yourself a fighting chance. Don’t let this book become just another book that you will never read again.

More steps to come!!!!!