Protein And Calories Can Help Lessen Effects Of Severe Traumatic Brain Injury

Benefits Of Other Nutritional Approaches Need Further Study

To help alleviate the effects of severe _traumatic brain injury_
(http://www.medicaln ewstoday. com/articles/ 179837.php) (TBI), the U.S. Department of
Defense should ensure that all military personnel with this type of injury
receive adequate protein and calories immediately after the trauma and
through the first two weeks of treatment, says a new report from the Institute
of Medicine. Evidence from several studies of severely brain-injured
patients shows that providing energy and protein to patients early reduces
inflammation and improves their outcomes, said the committee of experts who wrote
the report.

This is the only nutrition-related approach to treating TBI that the
committee recommended DOD implement at this time based on its review of the
possible benefits of nutrients, dietary supplements, and specific diets to
improve outcomes for TBI ranging from mild to severe. Several other nutritional
approaches show potential for reducing the symptoms of brain injury, but
there is not yet enough evidence about their effectiveness to recommend
their adoption.

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