Spring (green) Cleaning Time!

Spring is here! The birds are back and the fresh, green grass is slowly making its appearance in the parks and gardens everywhere. This can only mean one thing: SPRING CLEANING time!! Those dust bunnies hiding in hard to reach corners, the pieces of toast lost under furniture and the messy windows desperately need your attention!

What are the best products to use? Well, there is a wide variety of green cleaning products available on the market today. But, why spend the money on something you can easily prepare yourself?!?

Home-made cleaning products are not only cheaper than the commercially made ones but they also let you use up the things you already have around. Here are just a few ideas:

  • Lemon: use it to add shine to chrome and brass (mix it with a bit of olive oil and you have the perfect solution for caring for wood surfaces as well)
  • Vinegar: use it to disinfect and clean your bathroom: sink, toilet, floors etc. Can also be added to water to clean windows (you don’t need fancy cloths to dry windows, just use old newspaper)
  • Baking soda: effective and simple surface cleaner and is best used to remove tough stains (a very powerful odor absorber as well!
  • Salt: mixed with lime juice can be used to remove rust or use it on its own as a powerful scrubbing agent
  • Cornstarch: works well as window cleaner, furniture polish and carpet cleaner, deodorizer


Green Cleaning Supplies
by Wendell Franks 2008