Hemp milk helps with electrosensitivity

A PT who helped me a lot w/ chronic pain back in 2006 said he spoke w/ a very experienced naturopath who claims that hemp milk can really help w/ electrosensitivity. Specifically, she claims it’s the “antidote,” altho I doubt ppl. @ our level of sensitivity would experience anything more than moderate recovery. Still, might be worth a try. The recommended kind is UN-sweetened hemp milk, specifically “Tempt” by a co. called “Living Harvest.” I tried it and I did feel moderate reduction in pain, esp. in the back of my neck & postural muscles, but of course, the main thing is avoidance.      – E. Drew

Jan’s note:  lots of good Omega oils in hemp…milk and seeds.  I love to put the seeds on my salads!  And in morning smoothies.