Correction to Today's Notmilk Letter

Posted by: “Robert” cohensmilk1

Wed Apr 20, 2011 7:52 am (PDT)

Correction to Today’s Notmilk Letter

TOM HAGEN: “Your father wouldn’t want to hear this, Sonny.
This is business not personal.”
SONNY: “They shoot my father and it’s business, my ass!”
TOM HAGEN: “Even shooting your father was business not
personal, Sonny!”
SONNY: “Well then, business is going to have to suffer. And
please, do me a favor, Tom. No more advice on how to patch
things up. Just help me win, please?”
– The Godfather, 1972

* * * * * * *

In today’s Notmilk letter, I incorrectly posted an inactive
email address and phone number for the man I blame for America’s
greatest genetically engineered accident, MRSA. The bad guy’s
name is Bob Lake. See:

http://health. com/group/ notmilk/message/ 3977

This morning, I spoke with Bob Lake’s wife, Penny. I told her
that I considered her husband to be a lovely man, personally.
I’ve broken bread with him in the past. However, I also told
her that I considered him to be a bad guy, and would be sending
her today’s Notmilk column after explaining that it was
“business, not personal.”

The correct contact information:

Bob Lake’s correct telephone number: (703) 368-1026

Bob Lake’s correct Email address: bobpenlake@att. net

Please remind him of how many people have been made ill
and/or died as a result of tolerating Monsanto’s Genetically
Modified mistakes. Let Lake know that I blame him for the
creation of MRSA, after warning him repeatedly in 2003 that
such accidents would happen in the future. Sadly, I have
been proven to be correct and people continue to suffer…
and it will get much worse as Monsanto’s genetically modified
antibiotic-resistant staph aureus continues to spread.

Robert Cohen