Spiritual Seekers Circle – 1st & 3rd Wednesday – in Granite Quarry, NC

First of all I wanted to send you a gentle reminder that our class is this Wednesday at 7pm.

in Granite Quarry, NC

We will be discussing communication from a spiritually centered place.

This is a skill that will assist you in all relationships.

When you learn to implement this in your life, everything changes.

The bar has been raised!


When love is present, a person can become one spiritually with another person. It is a condition of existence in which they become one through awareness, and if they are detached from their mind, they can share each others’ wisdom just by experiencing it.

Everybody has experienced this to some degree, where for a moment they have a glimpse of life through the other persons’ eyes; from the other persons’ point of view. For that moment they are free of the restrictions of their own reality, therefore free from judgment and evaluation. If we agree that the purpose of communication is to share realities to increase personal understanding, then this is real communication, beyond what is said and outside of the physical. That is what I mean by ‘sharing wisdom’, but it is difficult to do with words because the mind tends to get in the way.

When a person detaches from their physical mind, they also regain their natural spiritual ability to perceive and validate the qualities of the other person. Love enables this to happen, because there is trust, therefore the freedom to share and experience other viewpoints. So love is crucial for your spiritual growth.

People become confused when they think of love as a physical thing. The love I am talking about is not physical. You see there is more to love than individual love, more than just one person loving another. I am talking about a consciousness of love. So love is always there with you. It is in all of your communications, all of your thoughts and all of your actions.

Too many times when communicating with others our ego has it’s own agenda. If the ego is present, then you are not in the moment or practicing gratitude. Ego is the small part of you that tries so hard to take over your thoughts and decisions. It is the ego that gets angry or irritated and convinces you to react to others rather than respond. Reacting to life and all the players in it is going to bring you pain and confusion and takes you out of the loop regarding love. Responding to life requires you to be aware of how you are feeling, to wait before speaking or doing anything and then proceed forward from a place of love. When we are with others if we can learn to put ego aside and just be love and express it, our entire life will change.

Just to be clear here, I am not talking about tackling the UPS man with a big hug or something like that. I am talking about putting forth the energy of love for no reason at all except you choose to. Make it an intention to just show love and express it in all the ways it can be expressed…Pound cake for your neighbors birthday, tomatoes from your garden to friends, letting someone merge onto the highway when the traffic is bad, picking some flowers in your yard and taking them to someone who really needs a lift, a hug to your grouchy mom or dad, a card to someone who will be so touched that you sent it.

Are you getting this?

Do it just because you can, expecting nothing in return!

Rev. Lady Diannia Baty