PDF on the history of mercury in dentistry

ne dentist told me that he prefers offering his patients fewer choices
because there is less to explain. This gives the patient the impression
that there are only two choices whereas in reality there are several
hundred choices. A filling, for instance, used to be typically made of a
malleable amalgam that is 49-53% mercury. This highly dangerous substance
was routinely placed into teeth without any warnings and usually without
any discussion. Amalgams are now forbidden in some countries and are being
increasingly questioned by patients and consumer advocates. Mercury is
toxic because it is unstable and it leaches. Most of the loss is in the
early stages of placement into the tooth so the other problem is that the
leached mercury might be deposited elsewhere in the body. Some years ago, I
wrote a pdf on the history of mercury in dentistry. It was the first pdf I
ever posted, but many will still find it interesting: