Tell Congress to NOT set this country back 200 years!

I am passing this along with the hopes you will join me in telling our
representatives both in the house and senate that this is
unacceptable.  If this passes, then the lives of your mothers,
sisters, wives, daughters, and other women will be diminished again.
By redefining rape as applicable to what women qualifies for any
government support in the event of rape caused pregnancies, the
Republicans are also opening the door to disastrous effects on womens
lives through forced pregnancies, lightening or even overturning rape
sentencing laws and more.
Our lives are not cheap and our contributions to building and serving
this country have deep roots.  If we object to the way the Taliban
have treated women in Afghanistan and Pakistan then we should also
object when the Republican right attempts to impose on us religion
based prohibitions championed and funded by evangelical
fundamentalists here in America.
A woman’s right to choose must continue to be protected.
Thank you and please help.

The GOP is pushing their anti-woman agenda yet again, and this time they’ve sunk to new lows: they actually want to redefine rape, incest, and the health of a
mother. In an outrageous and dangerous new bill supported by John Boehner, the
GOP is going after some of the most vulnerable women at the worst time of their lives — after they’ve been raped.
Can you imagine telling a victim of date rape — or another form of sexual
assault — that they don’t just count as rape survivors because it wasn’t
so-called “forcible rape”? Well, with this H.R. 3 bill, that’s exactly what John
Boehner and the GOP wants to do: tell these women that they’re not victims of a
crime or deserve the resources they need to deal with their trauma.
We at EMILY’s List stand with all rape survivors and condemn this cruel bill.
That’s why we’re asking you to join us: click here to speak up and tell John
Boehner that the GOP’s attempt to redefine rape is simply
unacceptable. [ ]

We’ve known from the beginning that Boehner and his boys would fight
to take away
women’s freedoms whenever possible, but this bill to redefine rape is beyond the
pale. Surviving rape is traumatic enough without politicians cruelly trying to
use victims as pawns in their anti-woman agenda.
And that’s what this is really about: limiting women’s rights and their ability
to make choices — all while demeaning the plight of women who have sustained
assaults that wouldn’t fit into the GOP’s new definition of “forcible rape.”
We will not stand idly by while John Boehner and the GOP continue to wreak havoc
on our rights, our choices, and the resources we need to deal with the heinous
aftermath of sexual assault, when one in six American women are affected. Make sure to tell Boehner right now: your GOP’s attempt to redefine rape is simply
unacceptable. Click here to join us in taking a stand today.