The HORRIBLE TRUTH about vaccinations

  Did you know?

Today, 1 in 6 highly vaccinated children in America is learning disabled;
1 in 9 has asthma;
1 in 100 develops Autism;
1 in 450 becomes diabetic; 
7 in 1,000 babies born alive are dying before their 1st birthdays!
These #’s may come to a shock to you but more & more of these cases are being seen every day.
Today, there ……are 69 doses of 16 vaccines being given to children from birth until they are 18 years of age. And hundreds of new vaccines are being made every year to prevent infectious disease. Are you informed of what vaccines are being given to you or your children?
If you need further information on any vaccination information, please go to National Vaccine Information Center website, which is You could also call the NVIC at 703-938-0342.