"Adya Clarity Baths!!!" – Article by Matt Monarch

The following information is for education only and is not meant to diagnose, prescribe, or treat illness. It is valuable to seek the advice of an alternative health care professional before making any changes.

We’ve seen Adya Clarity purify water right in front of our eyes, we’ve seen it transform inorganic minerals into harmless inert matter, and we’ve heard countless stories of how it has the potential to remove heavy metals, decalcify the body and much more. Additionally, Adya Clarity also has the potential to help hydrate and re-mineralize a chronically dehydrated and demineralized population. My LATEST discovery around the Adya Clarity involves what this product can do if you take a bath in it!!!

Angela and I left our home in Ecuador for the United States for two months. The whole time I was excited to get back to Ecuador with the Adya Clarity so that I could take a bath in it. It seemed obvious to me that taking a bath in Adya Clarity would help remove inorganic minerals, calcification, and heavy metals from my skin and scalp and replace them with bio-available organic minerals, as my pores would open up from the hot water. Little did I know what MORE I was in store for. Before we went back to the United States, we would get a weekly massage in Ecuador for just $20 an hour. Whenever the massage therapist worked deeply on my upper shoulder area, I would be in a lot of pain as they broke up knots and other junk within the muscle tissue. During my visit in the US, I consumed quite a lot of Adya Clarity, as I didn’t feel so confident about the quality of the liquids available to me. When I finally got back to Ecuador, I jumped on the opportunity to soak in an Adya Clarity bath for a couple of hours. By the time of my first massage appointment back in Ecuador, I had taken two long Adya Clarity baths. This time, when the same exact massage therapist applied the same amount of pressure to my upper shoulders, I found I was in ZERO pain… I believe that one of the main reasons this happened was due to the Adya Clarity decalcifying my body internally and externally from the baths.

PERPLEXED!!!… and excited by this situation, I contacted Matt, the President of Adya Water, Inc. to find out his perspective on what was going on and if Adya baths TRULY could be that beneficial. He snickered and IMMEDIATELY told me the MIRACULOUS story of his first encounter with Adya Clarity. There was a man who had taken a course of chemotherapy two years previously. He flew from Florida to Virginia where Matt was living at the time. They were at the house of another man from Japan who first introduced them to Adya. The man who had recovered from chemo, went into a hot tub with the Adya Clarity. Within FIVE minutes of this man being in the hot tub, he stood up and all of his dead skin from his shoulders to his wrists, and his hips to his ankles, rolled off, just like panty hose.

You can imagine what Matt, the President of Adya Water, Inc. went through in that moment! Matt then learned that in Japan, the highest level scientists and doctors are working with this product. From the studies and work that Matt has done with blood in a microscope, it is OBVIOUS to him that the Adya Clarity minerals actually penetrate through to the bone marrow just by sitting in Adya water. I don’t know if your jaw just DROPPED OPEN like mine did when I first heard that, but if this is true, then I feel that this is the most MIRACULOUS product out there. At first I just didn’t believe it. I don’t mean to get overly detailed and personal, but after I took my first Adya Clarity Bath, I had some crazy dense gases leaving my body and it smelled like some sort of metal or something similar. Whether it truly penetrates through to the bone marrow from simply taking a bath, I personally don’t know. However, from the tests and studies Matt has undertaken, there is no doubt in his mind that this does occur, and I believe him.

As I have written in many articles before, Delacy Evans’, “How to Prolong Life” book discusses how harmful inorganic minerals from our water and food are responsible for many of the degenerative ailments plaguing humanity today… including arthritis, arterial plaque, cataracts, and much more. He gives many scientific examples to support these claims. One of these examples involved test results from humans of different ages. It was noted that the older a person was, the more hard and rigid their bones would become. For example, a baby’s bones are much softer and more pliable, whereas an elderly person’s bones tend to be rigid and easily broken, and a middle-aged person’s bones would fall somewhere in between on the scale. Delacy Evans concluded that our bones are affected by the harmful inorganic minerals that we accumulate over the years.

Do you see where I am going with this!? If taking a bath in these Adya Minerals seriously penetrates throught to the bone marrow, then there is no doubt in my mind that my body is being decalified at a rapid rate through using Adya. Matt has received NUMEROUS testimonials from people saying that Adya Minerals has helped decalicify their bones. Also, Matt suggests that from all of these tests and studies done in Japan and by himself with a microscope, Adya Mineral baths also have the potential to suck any fatty toxins from one’s body! Be careful about who you let in your hot tub 😉 You may know of John Gray, the famous author who wrote “Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus”. He personally uses the Adya Minerals in the hot tub at his house, as well as at his retreats. He actually has a video on YouTube where he holds up the Adya Minerals and talks about candida and Adya in hot tubs, if you want to check that out.

I still can’t get over that story where that man’s dead skin just rolled off like panty hose… That in itself shows the exfoliation power of taking a bath with the Adya Minerals in it. If Adya Clarity does even HALF of what I have learned that it does, then it is well worth it to me, to take Adya internally and in baths. In fact, I now plan on taking a few baths a week with the Adya Minerals in the water. If you are intersted in taking an Adya Clarity bath, all you do is simply add 3 tablespoons or more of Adya Clarity to your bath water. The more toxic the water in your bath tub is, the more Adya Clarity will be required.

You may start taking Adya Clarity and not notice anything profound at first. Healing is not always an overnight process. When I first started taking the Adya Clarity, I personally didn’t feel or notice anything in particular, except for a bit of extra detoxification. However, I knew about the benefits that this product has and felt certain that it was working. We saw with our own eyes in a previous video Adya Clarity taking inorganic minerals and rendering them inert (harmless to the body). I knew that it must perform the same function in my body. As time went on and I continued to take the product, after MANY months I noticed more fluidity in my body and less pain during my massage sessions. I also actively work hard to stretch my body and help release this old junk internally from my muscle tissue, joints, and other areas of my body.

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Just in case you missed it, here below is the article that I put in this Newsletter at the beginning of this month. It has every link to all of the Adya Clarity videos and articles that we have ever done. In the future we are going to be coming out with more videos sharing the benefits of Adya Clarity, so I recommend EXTENSIVELY doing your research below, clicking and reviewing all the links, and possibly getting in on this INCREDIBLE deal NOW if it appeals to you.

All of the old school raw food and health books that I have read contain the ULTIMATE, simple obvious truths to me about health and healing and I just LOVE to read these old volumes. Some of these “old school” authors include Professor Arnold Ehret, Hilton Hotema, Luigi Cornaro, Delacy Evans, and others. Ever since I read Delacy Evans’ book titled, “How to Prolong Life“, which is about calcification and the effects of other inorganic minerals accumulating in the body, directly contributing to more than half of the ailments plaguing humanity today, I’ve been extremely focused on EVERYTHING that I put into my body. I’ve been especially careful about the water that I drink, the food that I eat and the water I bathe in. Between David Wolfe’s work on calcification and this book by Delacy Evans, this was enough OBVIOUS proof for me that multi-valent inorganic minerals, which are present in practically all of the water we drink and food we eat, clog up the the human body and IMMENSELY hinder longevity in modern humans.

We’ve already discussed in previous articles many of the benefits of Adya Clarity. We have even shown you videos where you can see with your own eyes the MAGIC that can take place with this product. For example, in the video at the link HERE, you can see Adya purify tap water by precipitating invisible multi-valent inorganic minerals and making them inert, which renders them harmless to the body. The Adya minerals can also replace the multi-valent inorganic minerals with the most bio-available minerals on the planet. In the video at the link HERE, you can see Adya purify an ENTIRE LARGE mucky body of dirty water, fish bowls cleaned with ease and MUCH MORE. Lastly, in this video HERE, you can see how Adya helped relieve Angela’s candida situation immensely. NOW, we are about to discover even MORE about what this MIRACULOUS product can do!

In this video below you can learn and hear PROOF about how Adya Clarity has the potential to remove calcification from the body, remove heavy metals (the example in this video is PROFOUND!), has helped MANY men to easily pass kidney stones without any pain whatsoever, enhance your vegetable juices, improve your blood within five minutes of ingestion and much more. I guess you could say I have “OCD” (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) when it comes to the liquids I drink. When I have Adya Clarity going into my body, I just know that I will be consuming ZERO inorganic minerals – I feel really good about this! Make sure you watch this video from beginning to end so that you learn about decalcification, removal of heavy metals and all of the other amazing benefits of this product. Are you ready!???

Check out the video below!!!:


Adya Clarity is a STAPLE in my life now and I feel that it will remain so until the day I die. Not only does it have the potential to remove inorganic minerals from our bodies, but it also has the potential to provide you with top-quality bio-available minerals, to help you avoid deficiency to the fullest. Love it!

There is even scientific proof that this product works. In the video we discussed how blood improves INSTANTLY after taking Adya and trhe effect lasts at least overnight, which is unheard of! I loved the example of one man who went to the doctor and was told that he had three kidney stones that would be IMPOSSIBLE to pass. The doctors gave him a stint in his urethra so that he could urinate. Then he started taking the Adya Clarity and he ended up passing these stones without any pain whatsoever, which shows one example of decalcification going on in the body. You can take a dirty old pipe in your kitchen, scaled with calcium deposits that are impossible to chizzle or sand paper off. If you put that pipe into Adya water, the scale is easily broken down without any problem whatsoever, leaving the pipe clean and shiny again!

Dentists regularly scrape the plaque (calcification) around people’s teeth. I personally swirl water with Adya Clarity around my teeth every single night after I brush my teeth, because this simple mixture has the potential to easily remove this plaque build-up. When Adya Clarity comes into contact with heavy metals in water such as mercury or lead, it precipitates these heavy metals in an INSTANT! As stated in the video, one woman started taking the supershots of Adya Clarity and from all of the heavy metals she had been exposed to in her lifetime, she started tasting lead in her mouth. This was simply from the effect of the Adya Clarity precipitating the lead from within her body. Within a week, her finger-tips started turning black and she witnessed the lead being eliminated from her fingers. By the end of the second week, she was cleaned out of this lead residue. That woman is no longer suffering from this kind of internal heavy metal plaque that millions of people are living with. These inorganic minerals have the potential to store in your pineal gland, which will affect your mind and connection to the Universe. This woman’s mind became more clear as she used the Adya and she became much more relaxed in life.

I was EXCITED to realize that Adya Clarity could also enhance our vegetable juices. Not only does it have the potential to make the nutrition in the juices more absorbable, but it also has the potential to eliminate all pesticides within the juice!!! It is also said that in this day and age, many leafy greens have a higher nitrogen level due to modern growing practices. Studies have shown that a high nitrogen count in greens can become carcinogenic to humans. The titanium salts in the Adya Clarity have the potential to convert this nitrogen into amino acids! It’s also been discovered that not only does Adya Clarity clean our water, but it also KEEPS water clean on an ongoing basis!

If you want to potentially have your blood particles enjoying a dancing party of joy ALL NIGHT LONG!, heavy metals being removed from your system, de-calcification occuring, while drinking clean water with bio-available minerals, void of all damaging inorganic minerals, and so many other benefits besides, then NOW is the time to start drinking water with Adya Clarity!

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It is said that we live in “unstable” times these days and many people are preparing themselves with safety measures such as long-term food storage, solar power, underground bunkers, candles, fuel storage, and much more. I feel that if we are thinking along these lines, Adya Clarity is the NUMBER ONE product that we might want to be stocking up on. Without water, we are history. If you are interested, now is the time to invest in a stash of Adya Clarity at less than half price.

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