A Warning… and why it matters

A Warning… and why it matters.

Clif High describes himself as a ‘Radical Linguist’. He’s multi-lingual and also proficient in several computer programming languages. Around 1997 he began analyzing language patterns scavenged from the internet by his ‘web bots’ or spiders. He found that people’s language patterns changed in response to certain emotional impacts. He analyzed this by putting certain emotional subjects into various ‘buckets’ that he gave generalized and sometimes whimsical names to, in order to group various subjects for analysis. Then he found that people’s emotional language actually began to change IN ADVANCE of certain events that impacted them. It seems that people are subconsciously prescient to a degree, and this subconscious knowledge leaks out in the language they choose to use.

In a nutshell, that is how the ‘predictive linguistics’ of the web bots project works. Scavenging data is purely mechanical. But the interpretation is human labor, software, and knowledge intensive by Clif and assistants. His ‘hit rate’ exceeds pure chance by something better than 50%. It’s not perfect, and it becomes more and more ‘foggy’ as one tries to elicit fine details out of a subject. It does not predict actual events, but the emotional ‘headline’ response to those events, with certain keywords or phrases attached to them. So yes, it’s kinda ’squishy’…. but still stunning when it gets a ‘hit’ and you see the actual language anticipated that is later used to describe an event. Sometimes, some strong language pops out everywhere and grabs his attention and can be used as a ‘temporal marker’ to verify a chain of possible events upcoming.

In July of 2001, Clif found a large ‘emotional tipping point’ coming in a matter of months. It had keyword associations of ‘military’ and ‘accident’, among others. It had an intense emotional impact lasting about four hours, and lingering emotional release lasting several days. He wasn’t sure what it was, until Sept. 11, 2001.
The event lasted several hours, and the lingering effect of grounded airlines lasted for several days. It changed life as we know it.

In trying to financially support the bandwidth for the web bots, Clif offered the technology to the government. They were not interested then. He found a foreign investor who paid him to keep it running, and this foreign investor made large sums of money by using the information the project supplied. That has since ended. In one scan of the net, the web bots made it into a Chinese server that was doing the same kind of work, so Clif knows that the Chinese are actively doing this kind of project also. There are also indications that the US government has taken the idea and quietly started using it, also.

In predictive linguistics, it seems that the further in advance they sense something coming, the bigger the event, or emotional impact is. For a year or two now, Clif has been looking at the largest ‘emotional tipping point’ he has ever analyzed. This one is predicted for Nov. 8-12 approximately. It has an intense emotional impact over four full days, and a cascading emotional release period well into March 2011. This event is predicted to have 10 to 100 times the impact of 9/11 in changing our lives forever after. Clif says it will start in the US and spread globally.

What could it be? Much speculation and an array of various clues and aspects from the ‘time monks’, but there is much, much happening in the world tensions, as you may have noticed in recent months. Nuclear war? Global Financial collapse? False Flag attack on the US? All the above?

Clif was in the process of a short-term analysis this month, attempting to resolve what was coming as we get closer. His previous reports have been antagonistic to TPTB, and it seems they do not want this information released. Yesterday the ISP for Clif’s www.halfpasthuman.com website shut him down without explanation, and not for financial reasons. It seems apparent the government is trying to silence him.

This is great reason to fear what is coming. It is also highly suspicious that the President will be on his longest overseas trip and out of the country when this timeframe ‘goes hot’. They know something is coming. You should know, too, and that is why I wrote this. Caveat Emptor. Something wicked, this way comes.

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