Inflammation Connection


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Mon Oct 4, 2010 9:38 pm (PDT)

Hi all, tired out, but if I don’t get this up now, it may not happen as I’m pretty busy the next couple weeks, or I’ll forget something by then.

I said some time ago I was working up a theory. –

Inflammation Connection

Besides our need to get heavy metals, etc. out of our bodies, repair myelin sheath,
remineralize, limit radiation exposure, I believe we need to manage inflammation.

I know many of us are taking things that help reduce that, such as turmeric, vit. D, etc.

I think however we would do well to work towards some kind of loose formula that actually controls the symptomatic problems, especially for the problems in our heads.

While continuing to endevor getting well, some symptom relief would be wonderful don’t you think? I also believe it would help speed healing.

I’ve found that not only do these metals in the brain change the electrical charge and rate of neuron firing, but it truly is inflammatory, such as with cytokines.

Take a look at some of the links below. (A large part of my problem was caused by inhaling through the nose mercury vapor from having a filling drilled and improperly removed. I didn’t learn till too late that this causes it to go directly to the brain, and I would’ve been better off breathing through my mouth had I known.) These first couple links talk about that pathway, and going in not just through the regular routes, but the nerve pathways as well. –

http://www.veterans 2010/10/02/ gis-brains- fried-by- military- dispensed- nose-candy/

Radioactive uranium that is inhaled by soldiers on the battlefield and by workers in factories may bypass the brain’s protective barrier by following nerves from the nose directly to the brain.
Nerves can act as a unique conduit, carrying inhaled uranium from the nose directly to the brain, finds a study with rats. Once in the brain, the uranium may affect task and decision-related types of thinking.
This study provides yet another example of how some substances can use the olfactory system bypassing the brain’s protective blood barrier to go directly to the brain. Titanium nanoparticles and the metals manganese, nickel, and thallium have been shown to reach the brain using the same route.
———— ——-

http://www.environm entalhealthnews. org/ehs/newscien ce/nanoparticles -damage-brain- cells/

Finally, to determine if TiO2 exposure caused chemical changes in the brain, the authors measured levels of certain molecules called cytokines that indicate increased inflammation and cell stress.
http://www.mercuryp burning.html
burning brain, finding a good dentist, detox.
(Marie’s story is a bit similar to mine.)

http://www.vitamind health/autism/ vit-D-and- brain.shtml

…Both the brain and the blood of autistic individuals show evidence of ongoing chronic inflammation and oxidative stress. That is, the autistic disease process is progressive and probably increasingly destructive. If this ongoing inflammation could be interrupted, the symptoms might improve. Hope for a vitamin D treatment effect lies in activated vitamin D’s powerful anti-inflammatory properties. Its administration decreases production of inflammatory cytokines in the brain, which have consistently been associated with brain impairment.

Besides reducing inflammatory cytokines, vitamin D does one more thing: it increases concentrations of glutathione, the brain’s master antioxidant. …

…Vitamin D’s role in increasing glutathione levels may explain the link between mercury and other heavy metals, oxidative stress, and autism. For example, activated vitamin D lessens heavy metal induced oxidative injuries in rat brain. The primary route for brain toxicity of most heavy metals is through depletion of glutathione. ..
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If anyone gets into trying a combination of anti-inflammatories, please keep track of your combination, approx. doses, and let us all know!

I also found a couple months back that the amino acid glycine is anti-inflammatory to the hippocampus – short term memory, and mine surely needs help, but I have to figure a good dose.

Also GABA – good article here on that, and it does make me feel calmer:
http://www.associat edcontent. com/article/ 2989138/gaba_ supplement_ and_the_blood_ brain.html? cat=5

Glucocorticoids help close the blood brain barrier, and has anyone been on these and noticed a difference, (cortizone allergy shot for instance) or nsaids even? Natural alternatives I think would be better, but GC’s are a starting place to close what is opened by emf.

Important Differences Between Synthetic and Natural Glucocorticoids

What else do any of you use for inflammation?
I also use bromelain and yucca, besides vit. D, gaba, and now the glycine, and histidine.

I just need to figure out a dose/combination I think.

~ Snoshoe

My girlfriend bases much of her supplementation on easing inflammation, Quercetin is very good, stops mass cell production which controls inflammation. Find it in nettles and evening primrose, can make tea as well.   ~ Cheers,  Charlie