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Radio Frequencies was Homeopathy

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Mon Sep 13, 2010 6:44 am (PDT)

There are the True Scenar instruments that read the
body’s radio frequencies and aberrant coherences and then sends
signals to correct these. We’ve been using the Scenars with good
effect for pain, swelling, headaches, all kinds of sicknesses and
to reset the body’s energy flow. For interesting reading on this
there is a news group at the website:
 – this
is a site which provides info on the treatment of a large variety of disease states.

Recently I received the protocols for eye diseases and had one
woman whose headache we were treating and her glaucoma
disappeared! ! She had been diagnosed with glaucoma by two O.D.s
When she returned for her follow up checkup she was told she had
no disease and pressures were normal. The protocols came to me
later and I was surprised. I think these eye protocols were
developed by the USA’s premier Scenar Therapist, Dr Irina, a
Russian trained Opthalmologist. (

Anyway, the working on body frequencies is an easy and
amazing process that works for so many things and especially for

The latest greatest devices are the C-Dove (Cosmodic), the
715 Scenar and the 735Scenar/Cosmodic and now there is a newer
one called the 735 Modific. These devices are spawns of the old
TENS technology of 30 years ago. Many companies continue to make these
revised old technology TENS devices which provide temporary
relief. The NEW SCENARs made by the RUssians and available
<http://www.lasersce narfusion. com/>
here in the US are 30yrs of
development. And there’s some interesting philosophies about
treating emotional illnesses

Most of this relative to the True Scenars is outside of the
paradigm of modern psychiatry. I see a few clients who are so
treatment resistant and drug resistant that their psychiatrists
are lost as to what to do. The clients were scared of failing
again when they came to see me. The message is that there are
some other ways to get relief. As always, the trick is to keep
them doing what works and therein hangs the tale.

* New York Bioresonance Therapy That is Non-Invasive, Painless
and Safe with No Side Effects. 

* Almost any condition will benefit from bio-resonance therapy.
With bio-resonance therapy, we can deal with the real underlying causes
of chronic and degenerative diseases.
* It is non-invasive, painless, and safe to use at any age.
The Bioresonance Therapy influence is
observed on cellular level, as well as at the levels of any
specific organ, systems of organs, and psyche.
* The idea of using weak electromagnetic oscillations, innate to the
patient, was initially applied and scientifically proven by F. Morell in
1977. The underlying theory behind this is that all matter has a
resonant frequency and every cell in the body resonates at a
particular frequency, similar to a tuning fork resonating to a
certain frequency spectrum of acoustic wave. This process in
groups of cells of an organ or system produces an electromagnetic
field which has unique multiple frequency patterns.
* In normal physiological conditions, a human body has relative
synchronization of different oscillatory (wave) processes, but
when pathological condition arises, disturbances of oscillatory
processes are observed. This could be expressed as a disturbance
of rhythms of basic physiological processes leading to disease;
for example, due to predominance of excitation (pathological
stress) disturbance in normal functioning of the Central Nervous
System and change core/sub-core interactions.
* If you accept that the cells are controlled by electromagnetic fields,
then it is possible to introduce healthy frequencies to re-balance the
whole body and provide an environment where the body cures
picks up electromagnetic oscillations from the body.
By strengthening the natural oscillations and or canceling pathological
oscillations, the Imedis enables the body to regain healthy function.
*  Currently there are two main types of therapy: *
* Endogenous BRT is a therapy with patient’s electromagnetic oscillations
processed by computer. 
* Exogenous BRT is therapy with
external electro-magnetic signals coming in resonance with
patient’s certain organs and systems.
* Conditions treated with Bioresonance therapy:
* Allergies * ADHD *
Acute Infectious Diseases! * Bronchial Asthma * AutoIimmune
Diseases! * Degenerative Organic Diseases! * Rheumatic
Diseases * Arthropathy * Gynecological Disorders such as:
* – Painful Menstruation * – Hormonal Imbalance * –
Pre-natal Treatment * Immunodeficiency of varied origin *
Post-Vaccine Complications * Intoxication and Toxic Stress
* Headache and Migraine * Mycotic and Parasitic Disorders!
* All Types of Pain * Neurodermatitis and Eczema * Sport
Injuries * Metabolic Diseases * Pre and Postoperative
Treatment * Reducing the Recovery Period * Secondary Viral
Disorders! * Urological Disorders
* So, there is not monolithic agreement, at all, among healthcare
professionals that homeopathy is not recommended for infectious diseases.
* My guess is that the opinion expressed by the homeopaths who
asserted that it was not recommended for infectious diseases did
so for self-protective motives — to protect themselves from
“turf wars” with MDs & their medical associations. *
Sincerely, Monty