Bioavailable Curcumin for Alzheimers

Posted by: “helena kerekhazi”   helenakerekhazi

I like this approach better than full spectrum B’s: UCLA Professors
have been working on bioavailable curcumin or tumeric.
They’ve developed a way to get it across the blood brain barrier better
by encapsulating it into soy oil. I’m horribly allergic to soy oil
(apparently 30% oif the population is allergic to soy so be careful to
check for that) and have asked them to please hurry up and put it into
another oil for me……and others soy sensitive.

My biochemist friends say this is a real breakthrough! It restores
memory a bit, dissolves the plaque, and they are testing it on Down’s
syndrome kids, and it’s even working on them!…..

Here’s a site to look at as a start to this research…. .

http://www.longvida .com/References_ aee70e5fac17e1eb 02066.html

My clients have started using it who have Lyme with very good

Thought to pass it along if I saw clinical benefits….