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Today We Approach Then
Posted on July 28, 2010 by Karen Lee
Now has been a topic of discussion for the last 2 days. Today we approach then.Then is sometime in the past when you did something, thought something or said something that was not taken well or someone interacted with you and seared the event into your memory.

Then can also be a logic syllogism. If…is true then…this is also true. In human terms most often the formula is, “If you love me…then you would_____.”

That is the point where transactions go awry. We know we are loved when touched and told so or when someone else’s consistency shows love in action. However the if…then formula is a setup for failure of conditional love.

No matter how big hearted or loving a person may be they are subject to ebbs and tides of energetic patterns. This “random reward” is what keeps people in the game of love. These occasional expressions and the honeymoon afterward until the next lapse feed the relationship and move it forward.

What if then was just a story? It is a way to keep a person in a trance, non responsive to what is, but rather what was. It is as if a stage hypnotist told you to squawk like a chicken every time someone says “I love you”. It is a programmed response, not necessarily a valid one.

Spirit suggests you look beyond your present horizons in every case. In that sense everyone on earth is equal. Everyone is born in perfection and struggles with the meaning they have given to circumstances in their life.  The layers of muddiness that seemingly cover their original pristine blueprint.

Know you can snap out of this conditioning at any moment. That is why paying attention to now is so important. No matter how many times a person strays from the knowledge of their true incarnated nature they always know the truth of their being at some level.

Ultimately all lies are denials of this essential truth.
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