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Now Is a Good Time to Be as You Are
Posted on July 27, 2010 by Karen Lee
Now is a good time to be as you are. Notice how often spirit says now. No Other Way. Now, like the word love, is an all encompassing word pointing to every thing that has potential and is poised to interact together.

Eckhart Tolle is well known for the Power of Now, and there is always more. Now is the place on the infinity symbol where the sideways 8 loops cross. In the flow of nowness, because there can be no past or future in that space, everything in the quantum soup of Deepak Chopra comes together.

Harnessing and working with this flow of resources comprises your earth experience. Every moment is a new opportunity to assess and seize for optimum living.

Ironically, although nothing is in your control, your ability to assess and flow makes all possible, and more than you can imagine. In a sense you are floating in a tide of energy with all you can need, want or use within arm’s length.

Imagine the perfection of that. Each person and soul and planet and star body ad infinitum a microniche in the environment of oneness. Everything contributes to the allness and sustains life through it.