Health Benefits of Really Raw Honey

It’s no secret! Unprocessed honey, straight from the hive, has been used
worldwide for millennia to promote healing.
We’ve gathered an extensive “intelligence base” both old and new, from
medical journals, historic references, leading research facilities and the
National Honey Board. Here’s just a sampling of how Really Raw Honey is
being used with amazing results.

Aids stomach and digestion
“In digestive disturbances honey is of great value. Honey does not ferment
in the stomach because, being an inverted sugar, it is easily absorbed and
there is no danger of a bacterial invasion. The flavor of honey excites the
appetite and helps digestion. The propoma of the ancients, made of honey,
was a popular appetizer.

“For anemics, dyspeptics, convalescents and the aged, honey is an excellent
reconstructive and tonic. In malnutrition, no food or drug can equal it. The
laxative value of honey, on account of its lubricating effect, is well known
Its fatty acid content stimulates peristalsis. In gastric catarrh,
hyperacidity, gastric and duodenal ulcers and gall bladder diseases, honey
is recommended by several eminent gastroenterologists .