The relationship between the kidneys and high blood pressure

Today I am addressing the relationship between the kidneys and high blood pressure, among other things.  – by Prof. Karl West –

One look at WebMD and you may still read the lie, “The exact causes of high blood pressure are not
known.” It has become a habit for medical professionals to state that nobody knows whenever they
for whatever reason deny knowing. This may seem to be a simple case of extreme arrogance however
I hope to expose a far more important cause for this.

Whenever you read or hear this kind of statement rest assured it is usually because the answer only
empowers the subject (the general public) rather than the practitioner.

Iit appears that so far ahead of even this day and time my father; Dr. C. Samuel West
(and many others with even higher credentials – equally ignored) had been when he began proclaiming,
“kidney failure is actually lymphatic failure” and continuing, “The kidneys are packed full of lymphatic
vessels. These lymphatic vessels must parallel the blood where ever it must go.” Continuing on,
“it is the build up of extra-cellular fluid that causes the pressure in the blood stream to exceed its
optimal limitations.” In other words, the accumulation of water pressure around the cells will in turn
cause the increase in blood pressure.

According to the current medical consensus (being the greatest measure of science lol) all they
have are clues as to the bad things people do that “evidently” tend to cause the disease, and if you
ask the average formerly educated person what causes atherosclerosis (heart disease) they will likely
say, high blood pressure causes atherosclerosis and vice versa. One cannot be sure which comes firs
– like the chicken and egg scenario.

Such is the level of obscurity for the true cause of high blood pressure; that of trapped plasma proteins
and the subsequent gradual build up of fluid in the tissue spaces. It is obvious that any increase in
pressure in the tissues will have much to do with the pressure on or in the blood stream.

Where there are no lymphatic vessels other types of lymphatic channels must do as well, for the blood
leaks the plasma portion; everything but the red blood cells, on a regular basis. The plasma proteins
hold water (like a magnet) where ever they go, and the blood being in a positive pressure system
cannot reabsorb these in the least. The purpose of the lymphatic system is to pull out these particulates
with water (constituting the extra cellular fluid) and in so doing – vacuum pack our tissues in order
to ensure the success of the blood stream in oxygenating our tissues.

The dynamic flow of all three quarts of blood, or even plasma through thousands of miles of capillaries
and interstitial spaces every minute is made possible due to two types of forces: 1) Anatomical, and
2) Electromagnetic. The latter being referred to as zeta-potential or in my own words, “like charge
magnetic repulsion”. As the blood cells travel down to the tiniest capillaries they actually fold in half
to fit through, whereupon I imagine they must be giving up the last of their oxygen, yet there is zero
friction there; because optimally every red blood cell is coated in electrons just like the cells that make
up the capillary walls need also be. In fact, every healthy cell in the body is busy organizing and
maintaining a field of electrons along its relatively vast surface area were it not so our bodies would
swiftly become stiff as a board. All electrons are negative and therefore we have “like charge
magnetic repulsion”.

Now, what does plaque and inflammation have to do with that?  Look forward to the next letter…

Lying sedentary in a hospital bed (ungrounded) or sitting still in a chair for any lengthy period of time
puts the patient at risk of kidney failure, high blood pressure, stroke, heart attack, and pneumonia
due to the gradual or even sped up pace of fluid accumulation in the crevices in between the cells
or any of the potential spaces in the body such as around the lungs; because the water that is
invariably attached to a variety of particulates is acting as a barrier to the irrigating fluid exchange
or capillary bed circulation. A simple process of self lymphatic actuation can help prevent all that
to a great degree in every single case and in most every situation.

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So remember, Lymphology is the foundation. Cellular Ecology is the infrastructure. Bioterrainology is
the roof!  These are not a panacea, but they are all about the most neglected subjects in the field of
health care and this system of Bioterrainology that is gradually coming to fruition is intended to become
a panaceaic system that may leave nothing of utmost importance out.

It is not enough for any number of doctors, nurses, and scientists to know anything.
The overall population of the world needs to know how to help themselves.
There is always something people can do for themselves.
Nobody can do for you like you can do for yourself.
This educational program was designed to empower you!

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Until next time be blessed and know that you are a splinter of our almighty heavenly father and you
can fulfill your purpose in this life!
Prof. Karl West
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