Simple sunburn relief herbal remedy – and another for heat rash too!

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Here are a couple of solutions for sunburn and heat rash. Enjoy!

It’s summer time and sunburns are experienced by many people daily. My son gets them on his head (he doesn’t have alot of hair to protect his scalp). There are several things that he does after he’s been outside in the sun without his hat on (which isn’t very often).

Remedy #1
Aloe Vera Leaf

This herb is probably the most important herb to have around the house. Simply cut off a 2 inch section of a leaf from your plant. If you don’t have a plant, your local drug store should have some in a bottle.
Aloe Vera juice is very beneficial for your skin providing pain relief, it contain anti-biotic properties and promotes the removal of dead skin while stimulating the normal growth of living cells.

Remedy #2
Emu Oil
The Australians have been using emu oil for centuries. Some studies show that emu oil contains properties that absorb directly through your pores without clogging. Even though it isn’t an “herb” , it aids the skin heal from burns, while also promoting the growth of new, healthy skin.
My son tells me that if he gets it on his skin in time, he avoids all of the skin peeling that usually happens when he gets burned.

I have mixed these two together in a small mixer and it works somewhat, but since one is an oil and the other is water based, they can be difficult to get them to mix properly.

Heat rash can be very painful and is usually caused by sweat ducts become blocked and swelling. There are several methods to treat this, but as far as a natural remedy, I use a combination of Black Walnut extract combined with aloe vera. The black walnut has natural iodine in it which has antiseptic and healing properties and the aloe has soothing properties to help take away the pain. Make a small amount and use as needed to bring relief and comfort to a painful condition.

Hope these help.

Susan Mitchell
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