How do I keep a laser focus on my goals?

Today is a good day to reassess priorities. This message is common from Spirit because the human has a tendency, like Homer Simpson, to resolve positive outcomes in one moment and be distracted by doughnuts or unicorns in the next.

How do I keep laser focus on my goals and objectives? How do I segment my time and resources to accomplish what I must and want to?

The simple answer is you don’t, not in the traditional business like planning mode. The downfall of all planning is the free will choice, wholeness and balance of the entities that are meeting. At any step along the way of a well or ill conceived plan intentions may go awry.

Is there a better way for me to achieve and attain a life style that is appealing to me? Again the answer is simple, not always easy. The most important thing you can do to assure personal and business success is to revision your life purposefully on a daily basis. Moment by moment may be too often for many.

Start now to assess what works and what does not work for you. Make affirmative intentions to rebalance what is hurtful, anxious and doubtful or otherwise negative or toxic. Realize even what works may be expanded exponentially for greater fulfillment as well. Leave room for “something better”, more beneficial, to manifest in your life.

Is this the law of attraction? It is the law of Unification. Your thoughts, actions and words Unify to bring you closer to self realization and life purpose in action. In other words you and all you see in this world are a gestalt, a total picture energy and entity.

When you dream do you see someone else as the main figure? Is there no protaganist, or do you melt into a scenario of whatever story and become one with all that is encompassed in the dream state?

Unification means literally all forces of spirit, nature, emotion, physical matter, energy and more of your full being are engaged constantly in every moment on earth. Similarly all other souls and species are totally involved and interact together, seemingly by chance.

Realize your thoughts are energy packets propelled by emotion into the universe and interacting within a grid of communication between all. This is akin to every cell in the human body being aware of its job, its interactions within the whole and replicating in perfection.

Ultimately the quality of your life comes down to trust. Either you trust that all is in divine order or you try to control and steer what is beyond your imagining or capabilities.
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