Do you want a TOXIC manicure? 99%+ are!!!

Do you know it is legal for cosmetics manufacturers to use chemicals linked to cancer and reproductive harm in their products?

These toxic chemicals are used in nail salons every day and as a result, nail salon workers (and their clients) are at risk. It’s time to STAND UP for workers rights!

The Safe Cosmetics Act is a piece of legislation that will help protect workers in nail salons from unsafe chemicals in salon products. The legislation will also give these workers more information about the chemicals used in the products that they work with everyday. In order for this to pass, we need you to TAKE ACTION!

Workers can and should be protected from exposure to toxic chemicals in their workplaces.

Tell your Congress member to protect nail salon worker health by supporting safe cosmetics legislation! Sign the Petition!

Robert Greenwald
and the Brave New Foundation team

(Jan’s note:  I only know of ONE company that makes SAFE nail care products:

Go to the Body Burden and Skin Deep studies and learn what’s toxic in nail care – and MOST all personal care products you’re now using: