Fruit Salad Medicine

Posted by: “cohensmilk1”
Mon Jul 19, 2010 12:24 am (PDT)
Fruit Salad Medicine

Last week was a depressing time for me.

I had been regularly biking a 9 mile course each
morning at 5:30 AM, and decided to double my morning
ride last Sunday. By Monday, I could not walk.

I’ve learned that there are 26 bones in each foot
and I had fractured two of the tinier ones. My
injury was similar to that type of repeated stress
sometimes experienced by ballerinas or marathon

I did not cry, but depression rapidly set in.
Although I needed to walk with a cane, and limped
through my daily gym sessions, I could not run
or bike. I overcompensated in the swimming pool
by swimming a bit more than I should have, and
did a little too much speed work to make up for
my lack of running or biking. As a result, I
injured the rotator cuffs of each shoulder.

Feeling very old, and even more depressed, I
surfed for Internet remedies, but all I found
was this advice:


I have run out of time for resting.
The pain kept me from doing rigorous workouts,
but rest was not an option.

And then I emailed news of my injury to one
of my readers: Dr Flora. And then we spoke
for over an hour.

She charmed me with her enthusiasm.
She impressed me with her knowledge.
She re-lit my own spirit with her passion.
And then she offered me the goofiest cure…

I was instructed to juice a pineapple, drink
the juice, and reserve the pulp. I was told to
do the same with a papaya.

To the produce store I went. I followed her plan.

My next step was to apply the pineapple pulp
to my injured foot and leave it there for
30 minutes. Then do the same with the papaya
pulp. Dr. Flora went into a long explanation
of what enzymes would initiate healing.

Was I skeptical? Damned right, but I followed
her instructions to the letter.

The next morning, I awakened and dreaded the
walk…but I immediately noted that some of the
pain was gone. I estimated a 25% improvement.

On Tuesday evening, I re-applied the pineapple
and papaya salves and then did my shoulders
too. After each rotator cuff application, I showered.

By Wednesday morning, I had noted a 50% improvement
in my foot although the swelling was still there.
I could walk with much less pain, and if I
concentrated, could do so without a limp. The
shoulder pain was nearly gone.

By Thursday morning, the pain in my shoulders
was gone. I swam just a quarter mile workout,
and today (Sunday) there is no discomfort in
either shoulder.

I did a weight workout on Thursday, and on
Friday, did my first aerobic workout of the week
by pedaling on a stationary bike for an hour.

I am writing this on Sunday morning at about
5 AM. I anxiously await sunrise. The swelling
in my left foot has been reduced. I can get on
my bike shoe. There is still a bit of pain, but
I’ll be biking in about 30 minutes.

<Just to be cautious, I did a 6 mile ride (from
my home to the Riveredge diner and back) and feel
great! The bike ride took me 21:45 and I arrived
home wearing a soaked shirt. I’ll do a bit more
distance on Monday morning after my swim.>

Miracle of miracles?
Can fractures naturally heal in just a few days?
Did nature take its course?
Was it all psychological, and did I swallow
Dr. Flora’s placebo pill?
Or did Dr. Flora’s brilliant advice result
in my miraculous cure?
Later today, I plan on a leisurely bike ride
to the produce story to load my backpack with
some preventive medicine.

Would you like to meet Dr. Flora? Here she is
in all of her glory:

Robert Cohen