[ADD_ADHD] Genetic Neurodivergence or Acquired Neurodivergence?

Posted by: “Dr Phil Bate” drbate@bellsouth.net   drbate1
Sat Jul 3, 2010 4:42 am (PDT)
GM Raymond,

I would agree with you on several points in your email, and disagree on
some others. I have been working in with the ADD to Autism continuujm,
for over 30 years, as well as many other psychological “diseaseses” .
There is certainly some genetic background, such as the Wilson Syndrome
in schizophrenia where those persons uptake copper in huge amounts
compared to “normal”, (whatever that is). However this genetic factor
is a small percentage of this schizophrenia group.

I have found that the two most prevalent causes of the ADD to autism
continuum are Allergy stress and heavy mineral stress, (primarily
mercury). Solve those, and the person “normalizes” to some extent.
Now, however, there are secondary problems to solve. These stresses
cause a huge need for extra nutrition to handle the stress, and this
usually causes Leaky Gut Syndrome in the “frantic” attempt to get this
needed nutrition (mostly B and C vitamins). The incoming amino acids
now are not completely digested, and these larger groups of peptides
look to the brain like possible bacteria or virus, and the brain now
develops a set of food allergies that add to the allergy stress. This
is why virtually all autistic children benefit from the milk and gluten
free diets.

For the simpler end of the ADD continuum, removing the allergy stress
which can be done with either my NT therapy, or Neurofeedback therapy.
Both work very well. It usually takes about 60 nights of NT or 60 sessions of NFB. What is not well known to the NFB groups
is that it takes much longer therapy of either to solve all the allergy
stress, including that caused by the Leaky Gut Syndrome. NFB is way
too expensive for continued therapy. NT is not, and is affordable to

I have developed a 4 therapy approach to autism that can be done
without bankruptcy of the family. This approach has been followed
carefully by several families with good success. It can be downloaded
from my website (www.drbate.com) by clicking on the URL at the right
bottom of the orange header marked “Dr Bate’s Articles”. It is free,
as are all my articles and 50 plus web pages from my years as an
orthomolecular psychologist, and Alternate Health worker.

Dyslexia and other anomalies may be genetic, I do not profess to have
an opinion. My son was born dyslexic and I did a lot of research on
this, and found that no one really knows the cause with many theories.

Autism is separated from the ADD continuum with the addition of mercury
or some other accident causing brain damage. In today’s world, the
rise in mercury pollution corresponds with the increase in autism.
This just from the mother’s blood initially brings the infants tiny
liver close to saturation. Now add the multiple vaccines, many
containing mercury (preservative called thimerosal), and that tiny
liver cannot filter it all, so some gets thru to the brain, and actual
brain cell damage is present.

What is absolutely necessary is the removal of this (and other heavy
metals). This can be done in several different ways. For the well
off, I advise getting a mineral analysis to determine the toxicity, and
using some form of chelation to remove this contamination (Zortho.com)
has a good record in this area.

For most families today, I recommend the cheapest vitamin C in fairly
large amounts. This is known as plain Ascorbic Acid. If in powder
form, it can be mixed into orange or other juices. Zortho.com is
coming out with this product in the near future. In pill form, both
Costco and Wallmart have 1000 mg tablets. DO NOT try to use “neutral”
vitamin C in either Sodium or Calcium ASCORBATE form. That form does
not take out minerals, as it is already in an ascorbate form. Only the
ascorbic acid form does this.

This cheap vitamin C therapy mixed with my NT therapy and the stress is
reduced dramatically, and then the nutritional and digestion problems
can be addressed and solved.

I admit that I am not familiar with your term “neurodivergence” , and
IMO, it is too general, although from the therapy side, I am sure that
my basic approach to autism and schizophrenia is very general as well.

I hope this above discussion helps you and others. Please feel free to copy and post on the dispraxia group.